No Contract 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • No Data Caps
  • Up to 150 Mbps Peak Speeds Average User Speeds of 28 Mbps
  • Easily Stream, Game, Work & Browse With No Buffering!
  • Plug and play modem so you’re live in less than 60 seconds
Blazing Hog fast internet for gaming. Blazing Hog, best ineternet for streaming.


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Better Than Satellite

Features Blazing Hog Unlimted High Speed Internet Satellite
Speed Peak speeds 150Mbps Peak speeds 30Mbps
Installation Easy self-install modem that takes 60 seconds or less Slow turnaround dependent on a technician
Availability If you’ve got cell service, you can get Blazing Hog Internet Coverage not available everywhere
Data No throttling or deprioritization Quick to throttle and throw you in the slow lane
Portability Fast Internet goes with you, just plug and go The satellite dish stays on your house
Unlimited True Data Yes, TRUE unlimited data with endless possibilities No unlimited with satellite, you’ll stay connected at reduced speeds
Gaming Perfect for gamers with 36ms ping rate Not great for gaming, super slow with lagging
Streaming Seamlessly stream all of your favorite content Lots of buffering

Unlimited Data & Fast Speeds

  • Blazing Hog can deliver peak speeds up to 150Mbps.
  • Average speeds of 28Mbps.
  • Unlimited data with no restrictions.

Blazing Hog - The #1 Option for Gaming, Streaming & More

  • Average ping rate of 35ms.- 60ms.
  • Stream Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and more with ZERO buffering in HD 1080.
  • Blazing Hog gamers will enjoy low ping rates of 35ms-60ms.
  • Play FortNite, Apex and other data-heavy games with no lag!

Blazing Hog is an internet service provider (ISP) that came on the scene rather recently and has been focused on providing high-speed internet service to the rural areas of the United States. Blazing Hog utilizes 4G LTE networks to distribute its internet service which allows them to deliver faster speeds than satellite internet, the most common solution for rural customers in the past.  To keep its services profitable Blazing Hog operates as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), which means they don’t own the cell towers that they use to send their signal but rent them. This saves Blazing Hog from having to invest in an infrastructure of their own, which could cost billions.

Designed for versatility, speed, and simplicity, Blazing Hog provides a fast, trustworthy Internet connection no matter where you are.

There’s really no comparison between Blazing Hog and its primary competitors for rural high speed internet service, satellite internet providers like HughesNet and Viasat.  Blazing Hog dominates these competitors with faster download speeds (average nearly 30 Mbps, with peak speeds up to 120 Mbps). 

Satellite competitors do not boast peak speeds higher than 30 Mbps – Blazing Hog’s average! Blazing Hog’s service is ideal for those in rural areas who want to stream and game, something that satellite internet is terrible at. This is due to latency – satellite internet is just too slow to adjust to quick gaming situations. Blazing Hog has very low latency, allowing a similar gaming experience to what you get from wired internet connections.

Finally, there’s no contract with Blazing Hog!  HughesNet and Viasat will make you agree to a contract before you ever get installed. If you aren’t pleased with the service at any time, you can disconnect without a contract penalty – and you have a 14 day Money Back Guarantee if you aren’t fully pleased with the service immediately.  When your choices are slower internet or faster internet, great for gaming and streaming with no risk, the only choice is BlazingHog!