Altice USA is a United States based communications and media company that powers connectivity worldwide through its array of brands dedicated to serving customers with products and services that bring and connect everyone together. Altice delivers television, internet and television services to over 4.9 million residential and business customers across 21 states, making them the fourth-largest cable provider in America. 

In May of 2015, Netherlands-based Altice came to the U.S. after purchasing Suddenlink Communications, in addition to Cablevision in September of that same year. After the acquisition of these two companies, Altice re-branded both of these properties under the Altice name in 2018. 

Altice strives to challenge the industry-norm by developing telecommunication products and services for the future. Their expansive offerings range from basic high-speed broadband services and ultra-HD video to telephony, digital advertising solutions, wireless offerings and local news so everyone is connected, wherever you are in the country. From residential, to businesses, hospitals, schools- they link everyone together. 

Optimum Online

It’s the internet speed customers need for checking email, streaming, gaming and anything else they want. Optimum provides an award-winning internet experience that delivers a secure, reliable and speedy experience with unlimited data. Optimum Online boasts speeds of up to 400 Mbps and has internet packages that fit every budget and internet need. If customers are looking for the fastest experience, their new state-of-the-art fiber network promises to deliver speeds up to 1 Gbps with an intelligent Wi-Fi experience unrivaled by anyone else. 

Optimum Voice

Customers using landlines is declining, but Optimum Voice still offers a reliable home phone service with over 20 different calling features for one low, flat rate. Customers can call over 65 international destinations for 2 cents per minute and even utilize remote dial capability so they can call even when they aren’t home. Customers will always have the latest in voice technology for their home phone and have enhanced features like 411 and 911- so even in an emergency help is always on the way. Additional features include easy line adding, power outage backup and account management on the go through the Optimum Voice homepage. 

Optimum TV

Optimum TV has three TV packages ranging from 220 to 420 channels with more choices than consumers thought possible. Customers can customize their TV even further through sports, premium and international channel add-ons, in addition to on-demand entertainment for the ultimate, customized TV viewing experience. Optimum TV also turns every screen into a TV through the Altice One App, where customers can watch all of their favorites anywhere- as long as there’s Wi-Fi and an internet connection. 

Suddenlink Internet

Suddenlink delivers the internet speed customers need for everything from basic browsing to high-bandwidth gaming through their award-winning internet service. Suddenlink promises to provide speeds up to 1 Gbps, perfect for handling today’s latest technologies and heavy network usage activities. Suddenlink Internet provides internet solutions for all types of customers and budgets, so regardless of how they use the internet there’s a high-quality internet service solution for everyone. Suddenlink was awarded PCMag’s “Fastest ISP” in the U.S. in 2019. They boast high speed internet services starting at 50 Mbps in most areas Suddenlink serves, with 1 Gbps in select markets. Suddenlink also uses Altice Fiber, which is a state-of-the-art fiber network experience that delivers 1 Gig service and an intelligent Wi-Fi solution for an experience unlike anything else. 

Suddenlink Home Phone

Although customers aren’t using home phones as frequently as they used to, Suddenlink Home Phone services still provide the best in technology for home phone users. With features like Enhanced 911, unlimited local and long distance calling and a multitude of other features- it’s the old way of calling friends and family updated with today’s technologies. Suddenlink Home Phone allows their customers to bundle their phone service with TV and internet for an all-in-one connected experience for any budget and lifestyle. 

Suddenlink Television

Suddenlink Television delivers the Altice One experience that combines the latest in internet, video and connectivity technologies for one seamless viewing experience. With advanced features like Cloud DVR Plus, Ultra HD and a Voice Activated Remote- it’s next-level TV. Suddenlink Television’s baseline channel offerings starting at 225 channels to 340 plus up to 105 HD channels. Customers can further expand their TV viewing by adding on-Demand and Pay-Per-View services. They can also take their favorite shows on-the-go on any device through the Altice One App- as long as they have a Wi-Fi connection. 

Altice Mobile 

Dubbed a “network of networks,” Altice Mobile delivers fast advanced LTE cellular speeds through the combination of Altice’s fiber and mobile infrastructure and two of the top U.S. networks. Altice Mobile gives their customers unlimited talk and text to over 35 countries- even when traveling abroad. Customers will always stay connected through texting, calling, streaming- because Altice Mobile delivers 99% nationwide coverage on their network. 

Altice Business

Altice Business delivers the best-in-class data, voice, internet, security and managed services with fiber optic network connectivity. Through industry-standard custom solutions like Altice Business SecureNet, managed Wi-Fi, hosted voice and carrier solutions- Altice Business brings cutting-edge technology to businesses of all sizes across America. Altice Business covers over 375,000 business customers across 21 states with 19,000 fiber-lit locations. 

News 12 Networks 

The News 12 Networks are a group of news channels throughout the New York metro area that provide 24-hour rolling news coverage for Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. News 12 Varsity is a news channel dedicated to high school sports teams in the New York–New Jersey–Connecticut tri-state area. 

i24 News

i24 News was founded in 2013 as a 24/7 international news and current affairs channel that broadcasts from the Middle East. It launched in the U.S. in 2017 and is available in millions of households worldwide with daily live reports with the international news centered around the Middle East. 

Altice offers an expansive book of services ranging from basic home phone services to a leading internet service provider with ultra-fast speeds. Altice is constantly reinventing the old way of doing things so they can provide their customers innovative communications solutions that shape the future.