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AT&T Internet Prices, Plans and Speeds

AT&T Internet Prices, Plans and Speeds

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When it comes to providing quality Internet services, nobody does it quite like AT&T. AT&T is a household name when it comes to Internet services, boasting about 16 million subscribers. They offer a variety of connection types including digital subscriber line (DSL), fiber, and fixed wireless. AT&T has a strong focus on urban markets but is also available in rural areas. When speaking of provider speeds, it’s impossible to not mention AT&T as one of the top performers. AT&T delivers some of the fastest download speeds in the U.S., and they offer a variety of different speed plans to fit any budget or household needs. And because AT&T offers varying connection types, subscribers sometimes will have a multitude of plans to choose from based on their location and connection. 

With so many options, it is no wonder that AT&T has many different prices, plans and bundling packages that can provide different things to different users. Here at BundleFinders.com, we take pride in providing consumers with the best possible resources when choosing a residential Internet service provider (ISP) for their homes. Get to know AT&T a little more and learn what this ISP can offer your home when you subscribe.

AT&T DSL Internet Plans and Speeds 

AT&T offers a fast, reliable connection to its broadband customers via DSL. DSL uses telephone lines to send and receive Internet signals to and from your home. DSL is incredibly popular as most homes have telephone lines and are equipped to set up services. Homes using a DSL connection are also using a connection type that is not prone to high levels of latency (AT&T DSL has a latency range between 41-50 ms) and with AT&T it can provide top-speeds of 100 Mbps. 

DSL upload speeds can be lower than other forms of the Internet such as fiber and will depend on your speed package. AT&T offers plenty of plans for its DSL subscribers to fit your needs and budget:

Plan Peak Download SpeedsMonthly PriceConnection Type Type of User # of DevicesMonthly Data 
Internet Basic 7680.8 Mbps$49.99DSLLight users11 TB
Internet Basic 1.51.5 Mbps$49.99DSLLight users11 TB
Internet Basic 33 Mbps$49.99DSLLight users11 TB
Internet Basic 55 Mbps$49.99DSLLight users11 TB
Internet Basic 66 Mbps$49.99DSLLight users11 TB
Internet 1010 Mbps$49.99DSLLight users1-31 TB
Internet 1212 Mbps$49.99DSLLight users1-31 TB
Internet 1818 Mbps$49.99DSLLight users1-31 TB
Internet 2424 Mbps$49.99DSLLight users1-31 TB
Internet 2525 Mbps$49.99DSLLight users1-31 TB
Internet 4545 Mbps$49.99DSLLight users3-51 TB
Internet 5050 Mbps$49.99DSLLight to moderate users3-51 TB
Internet 7575 Mbps$49.99DSLLight to moderate users3-51 TB
Internet 100100 Mbps$49.99DSLLight to moderate users5-71 TB
*Pricing information up-to-date as of 5/26/2021.

Internet users with below 25 Mbps can enjoy browsing, checking email, and keeping up with their favorite social media profiles. Some streaming may be possible on the higher end of the spectrum, but plans with 25 Mbps and up are more suited for such activities. Speeds of 50 Mbps-100 Mbps can support multiple devices with lighter streaming activities and some online gaming. AT&T only has one price but many plans for its DSL offerings; however, the speed your home will receive is dependent upon what is best available in your area.

*Remember, additional fees and charges may also apply and some pricing may be promotional.

AT&T Fiber Internet Plans and Speeds 

Boasting the third-largest fiber Internet network in the United States, AT&T delivers some of the fastest speeds in the country to its millions of subscribers. Fiber Internet connections send information using fiber (glass) wires via light signals. AT&T’s fiber network subscribers enjoy very low levels of latency with a range between 14-28 ms. Subscribers will notice that AT&T’s fiber network is great for uploading data with speeds depending on your plan- making it a great option for those who create and upload content, or those who work from home. 

AT&T’s fiber network is perfect for any Internet activities you may enjoy, though heavier users will require higher download speeds. No matter if you are looking to simply stay connected or stream in 4K HD across multiple devices, AT&T has a fiber plan that is perfect for your home:

Plan Peak Download SpeedsMonthly PriceConnection Type Type of User # of DevicesMonthly Data 
Internet 55 Mbps$49.99FiberLight users1-31 TB
Internet 1010 Mbps$49.99FiberLight users1-31 TB
Internet 2525 Mbps$49.99FiberLight users1-31 TB
Internet 5050 Mbps$49.99FiberLight to moderate users3-51 TB
Internet 100100 Mbps$49.99FiberLight to moderate users5-71 TB
Internet 300300 Mbps$49.99FiberModerate users10-151 TB
Internet 10001000 Mbps$49.99FiberHeavy users25+Unlimited
*Pricing information up-to-date as of 5/26/2021.

Subscribers using speeds below 25 Mbps will be able to check emails and social profiles with lighter web browsing on a smooth, reliable network. Streaming becomes much easier with multiple devices capable of downloading and smoother online gaming when using speeds of 25-100 Mbps. AT&T Internet 300 subscribers will find that streaming HD video, gaming, downloading files quickly, and more can be conducted smoothly across multiple devices at the same time. And if that isn’t enough, using 1000 Mbps allows your home to get the most of what the Internet has to offer with some of the fastest residential Internet speeds in the country.

*Additional fees and charges may apply to your plan. Prices are always subject to change and may be promotional.

AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet Plans and Speeds

Reaching customers who may not have wired access to the Internet, AT&T provides broadband access through its fixed wireless network. Fixed wireless connections provide Internet access by transmitting signals between two fixed locations such as a radio or, in this case, cellular signals. 

Fixed wireless connections can present higher levels of latency when compared to wired connections; however, it is vastly lower when compared to satellite Internet. The average satellite Internet subscriber can expect a latency level of 638 ms. With AT&T’s fixed wireless network, you can reduce this to a much more manageable level of 52.7 ms. That means if you’re a gamer, fixed wireless can provide a real solution that satellite Internet just can’t. Though upload speeds can be lower than fiber or DSL, you can still upload your content faster and cleaner than using a satellite connection. AT&T has the perfect solution for many rural customers that may otherwise miss out on a quality connection within an underserved market.

Plan Peak Download SpeedsMonthly PriceConnection Type Type of User # of DevicesMonthly Data 
Fixed Wireless Internet (LTE)At least 10 Mbps$49.99Fixed WirelessLight to moderate1-5250 GB
*Pricing information up-to-date as of 5/26/2021.

AT&T can fulfill the needs of many rural markets by providing a service that homes may otherwise lack. Though latency levels may be high and the average speed of 10 Mbps is more common than its peak speeds, AT&T’s fixed wireless network can provide faster, more reliable connections than satellite Internet providers. AT&T’s fixed wireless isn’t ideal for online gaming but it can be used where options are limited. It can also be used for downloading files, browsing the Internet, and even some streaming, though some buffering may occur.

*The price listed may change or be promotional. Other fees and charges may be applied to your fixed wireless plan.

AT&T Internet Bundles

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Due to its incredible and diverse service offerings, AT&T can provide amazing bundles that allow its subscribers to gain more services for their homes while enjoying savings not available when purchasing a residential Internet-only plan. Many plans encompass the Internet, television, and phone services, so no matter what your need, your home will be covered by a package that can fit your needs and budget.

At BundleFinders.com, we provide consumers with a wealth of information to help you create an informed decision with as much up-to-date information as possible. Using our tools and industry knowledge, we can provide a personalized look at your home’s plans, bundles, and ISPs, including AT&T. To learn more or to get started, contact us today and learn how you can get the services you need while saving money. Take a closer look at some of the bundles offered by AT&T for its subscribers. Note, it is important to consider that AT&T suggests a minimum plan of 25 Mbps for the ability to view 3 streams, though more data will likely be needed for a smooth experience.

AT&T Internet & AT&T TV Bundle Prices

When bundling your AT&T Internet services, you will save $10/month from your plan’s regular price. For example, if you are subscribing to the Internet 1000 but bundling with AT&T TV, your monthly price will be $39.99/month rather than $49.99/month. AT&T TV packages can be bundled at the following rates: 

Plan Amount of ChannelsAT&T TV Monthly Bundled PriceConnection Type Type of User 
Entertainment65+$69.99StreamingLight to casual viewers
Choice90+$84.99StreamingModerate viewers
Ultimate130+$94.99StreamingHeavier viewers
Premier140+$139.99StreamingHeavier viewers
*Pricing information up-to-date as of 5/26/2021.

Additional channels can be added to different plans in the form of premium channels for AT&T TV subscribers.

Premium ChannelsMonthly PriceFeatures
Epix$6.00Thousands of movies and many premium television shows.
HBO Max$14.99A massive library of movies and award-winning shows with new movies weekly.
Cinemax$11.00Movies that keep you on your feet with daring shows.
Showtime$11.00A great movie library, boxing and comedy events, documentaries, and award-winning series.
Starz$11.00Thousands of titles complemented by highly-acclaimed shows.
AT&T TV Deportes$5.00Enjoy the best in Spanish-sports content including ESPN Deportes, FOX Deportes, TyC Sports, and Univision Deportes.
AT&T TV Español$15.00Spanish series, movies, and novelas for your viewing pleasure.
Movies Extra Pack$5.00An impressive catalog of movies of all sorts presented in stunning HD quality.
*Pricing information up-to-date as of 5/26/2021.

*Programming is always subject to change.

AT&T is also offering a free HBO Max for a year for a limited time when you subscribe to the Choice or Ultimate Packages. Subscribers can cancel these channels at any time.

AT&T Internet & DirecTV Bundle Prices

And of course, you can expect nothing but the best bundling options for DirecTV subscribers. 

Plan Amount of ChannelsDirecTV Monthly Bundled PriceConnection Type Type of User 
DirecTV Entertainment160+$64.99SatelliteModerate viewers
DirecTV Choice185+$69.99SatelliteModerate viewers
DirecTV Ultimate250+$84.99SatelliteHeavier viewers
DirecTV Premier330+$134.99SatelliteHeavier viewers
*Pricing information up-to-date as of 5/26/2021.

With DirecTV, you can add on a multitude of different channels or packages for the ultimate TV viewing experience.

Premium ChannelsMonthly PriceFeatures
HBO Max, Cinemax, Showtime, Epix, and STARZ*HBO Max is free for a year then $14.99/mo. with the others free for first 3 months then $32.97/mo.Watch the best in premium content from these top providers! 
Epix$5.99Top-rated movies and shows all in one place!
Movies Extra Pack*Free for first 3 months then $4.99/mo. An impressive catalog of movies of all sorts presented in stunning HD quality.
AMC+$6.99/mo.Stream your favorite content from channels such as AMC, BBC America, and IFC ad-free!
Dog TV*Free for the first month, then $4.99/mo.The first television network for your favorite dogs! The shows are created to stimulate and comfort your dog with sounds, movements and patterns.
Hallmark Movies Now$5.99Stream all of your favorite movies from the Hallmark channel, includes Hall of Fame Movies & Mysteries plus Hollywood classics. 
Lifetime Movie Club$3.99Enjoy over 200 new and classic Lifetime movies. 
A&E Crime Central$4.99Hundreds of your favorite episodes from A&E’s vast library of shows and specials presented commercial-free.
Pantaya$5.99Watch Spanish-language blockbusters, favorites and classics plus exclusive and original series. 
Outdoor Channel$4.99The only outdoor network with programming dedicated to the adventure enthusiast. 
2021 MLB Extra Innings$21.66/mo. for 6 months or $129.96/seasonNever miss a minute from your favorite MLB team throughout the 2021 season. 
2021 MLS Direct Kick$22.25/mo. for 4 months or $89.00/seasonKeep up with all of your favorite soccer players and games for the 2021 season. 
2021 NFL Sunday TicketComes includedThe most popular package DirecTV has to offer, keep up with every kick off this 2021 season. 
2021 NFL Sunday Ticket MaxTBDEverything you love about NFL Sunday Ticket with added features such as NFL Red Zone, access to out-of-market games via your favorite device, and more.
*Pricing information up-to-date as of 5/26/2021.

For an in-depth look into AT&T’s bundling options, check out our latest post here.

AT&T Internet- What Speed Do I Need? 

With so many plans and options, it can be daunting to determine the right amount of Internet speed is appropriate for your home. The Internet has many different functions and depending on the way your home uses it, in regards to how many devices are in use simultaneously, the amount of speed you need can vary greatly. For an in-depth look at various Internet functions and what speeds would be appropriate click here, or take a look at our chart below:

Download SpeedsInternet ActivitiesNumber of Devices
<25 MbpsLight browsing, emailing, checking social media.1-3
25-49 MbpsLight to moderate browsing, light streaming, light gaming, social media.3-5
50-99 MbpsStream, browse, game, and download light to moderately.5-7
100-299 MbpsStream HD, play online games and download quickly across multiple devices. Great for moderate users.7-15
300-499 MbpsFaster downloads, stream HD, play multiple online games and browse with speed. Moderate to heavy users.15-20
500-699 MbpsHost multiple devices at once, streaming in HD, playing games online, downloading with ease, and browsing effortlessly.
Perfect for heavy users.
700-1000 MbpsExperience some of the fastest speeds for the Internet. Stream 4K HD, enjoy the latest online gaming titles, download with blazing-fast speeds, and host many devices at once. Great for the heaviest of users. 25+

When determining the speed you need, remember to consider how many users are within your home and how many devices each user may use. If you are in a home with 4 users with each a television and phone in use, it can be easy to see how the number of devices can add up quickly. Don’t forget to take into consideration other devices such as Smart Home devices and digital assistants. Faster speeds can help you not only do more but include more when you remember to audit your devices and include them in your purchase decision.

Another thing worth mentioning, AT&T’s subscribers are provided the necessary equipment to keep their services running smoothly, therefore, third-party modems are not allowed.

AT&T Internet Summary 

Happy family enjoying their TV and internet services.

AT&T offers plenty of residential Internet options for your home. AT&T can also provide Internet to its subscribers in a variety of ways via DSL, fiber, or fixed wireless connections. If you are looking to save and gain additional services, it’s no surprise that through its AT&T TV or DirecTV service offerings, subscribers can design a custom bundle package that fits their entertainment needs and monthly budgets.

Each market is different and every home is unique. If you are looking for the perfect Internet plan or more through an AT&T bundle for your home, contact our team at BundleFinders.com. We have the right tools and experience connecting homeowners with personalized looks at the right Internet plans and bundles for your needs. Before you overpay, contact us today and find the perfect AT&T Internet bundle for you.