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AT&T Internet, TV and Phone Bundles

AT&T Internet, TV and Phone Bundles

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With millions of subscribers, AT&T’s services cover most of the entire United States, particularly in urban markets with the largest concentrations in California, Florida, and Texas.

Subscribers can access more savings by bundling AT&T services in double or triple-play bundles. AT&T TV or DirecTV, AT&T’s Internet services, and home phone can be bundled to help you get the right services for your home all while saving you money. You can even bundle your services with an AT&T Wireless plan.

BundleFinders.com is your one-stop-shop for all things bundled. Contact us today if you are interested in seeing if AT&T is available to your home or if you would like to subscribe to their services. Our team is capable of providing a personal look at the bundles that are available for your home and which providers service your address.

AT&T Bundles with AT&T TV, DirecTV, and AT&T Wireless

There are no shortages of AT&T bundles available for its subscribers. With one of the most impressive telecommunications service catalogs in the country, you’re almost limitless with the bundled packages you can create. The variety of bundles available to your home may vary on location, however, with so many options, AT&T subscribers are given the freedom to choose and personalize a plan that is right for your individual needs. 

AT&T Internet-only plans are available but when you subscribe to a bundling option with AT&T, you can save $10/month on your Internet services. AT&T Internet can be bundled in many ways and you can even build your bundle for additional levels of customization. Let’s take a look at some of the various bundling options AT&T subscribers have when they bundle two or more services to their monthly plan.

AT&T Internet & AT&T TV Bundle Television Prices

Plan Amount of ChannelsAT&T TV Bundle PriceConnection TypeType of User 
Entertainment65+$69.99Streaming Light to casual viewers
Choice90+$84.99Streaming Moderate viewers
Ultimate130+$94.99Streaming Heavier viewers
Premier140+$139.99Streaming Heavier viewers
*Pricing information up-to-date as of 5/26/2021.

Additional channels can be added to different plans in the form of premium channels.

Premium ChannelsMonthly PriceFeatures
Epix$6.00Thousands of movies and many premium television shows.
HBO Max$14.99A massive library of movies and award-winning shows with new movies weekly.
Cinemax$11.00Movies that keep you on your feet with daring shows.
Showtime$11.00A great movie library, boxing and comedy events, documentaries, and award-winning series.
Starz$11.00Thousands of titles complemented by highly-acclaimed shows.
AT&T TV Deportes$5.00Enjoy the best in Spanish-sports content including ESPN Deportes, FOX Deportes, TyC Sports, and Univision Deportes.
AT&T TV Español$15.00Spanish series, movies, and novelas for your viewing pleasure.
Movies Extra Pack$5.00An impressive catalog of movies of all sorts presented in stunning HD quality.
*Pricing information up-to-date as of 5/26/2021.

*Programming is always subject to change.

AT&T is also offering a free HBO Max for a year for a limited time when you subscribe to the Choice or Ultimate Packages. Subscribers can cancel these channels at any time.

AT&T Internet & DirecTV Bundle Prices

Plan Amount of ChannelsDirecTV Monthly Bundle Price Connection Type Type of User 
DirecTV Entertainment160+$64.99SatelliteModerate viewers
DirecTV Choice 185+$69.99SatelliteModerate viewers
DirecTV Ultimate 250+$84.99SatelliteHeavier viewers
DirecTV Premier 330+$134.99SatelliteHeavier viewers
*Pricing information up-to-date as of 5/26/2021.

And of course, you can add on additional channels for the perfect bundle. 

Premium ChannelsMonthly PriceFeatures
HBO Max, Cinemax, Showtime, and STARZ*HBO Max is free for a year then $14.99/mo. with the others free for first 3 months then $32.97/mo.Watch the best in premium content from these top providers! 
Epix$5.99Top-rated movies and shows all in one place!
Movies Extra Pack*Free for first 3 months then $4.99/mo. An impressive catalog of movies of all sorts presented in stunning HD quality.
AMC+$6.99/mo.Stream your favorite content from channels such as AMC, BBC America, and IFC ad-free!
Dog TV*Free for the first month, then $4.99/mo. The first television network for your favorite dogs! The shows are created to stimulate and comfort your dog with sounds, movements and patterns. 
Hallmark Movies Now$5.99Stream all of your favorite movies from the Hallmark channel, includes Hall of Fame Movies & Mysteries plus Hollywood classics. 
Lifetime Movie Club$3.99Enjoy over 200 new and classic Lifetime movies. 
A&E Crime Central$4.99Hundreds of your favorite episodes from A&E’s vast library of shows and specials presented commercial-free.
Pantaya$5.99Watch Spanish-language blockbusters, favorites and classics plus exclusive and original series. 
Outdoor Channel$4.99The only outdoor network with programming dedicated to the adventure enthusiast. 
2021 MLB Extra Innings$21.66/mo. for 6 months or $129.96/seasonNever miss a minute from your favorite MLB team throughout the 2021 season. 
2021 MLS Direct Kick$22.25/mo. for 4 months or $89.00/seasonKeep up with all of your favorite soccer players and games for the 2021 season. 
2021 NFL Sunday TicketComes includedThe most popular package DirecTV has to offer, keep up with every kick off this 2021 season. 
2021 NFL Sunday Ticket MaxTBDEverything you love about NFL Sunday Ticket with added features such as NFL Red Zone, access to out-of-market games via your favorite device, and more.
*Pricing information up-to-date as of 5/26/2021.

If you’re interested in what Spanish packages are available from AT&T, click here.

AT&T Internet & Home Phone Bundles

The Internet speeds you will have for your bundle will be dependent on what’s available in your area!

PlanMonthly Bundle PriceDownload SpeedsCalling Features
Internet 1000 and Phone Unlimited North America$72.981000 MbpsUnlimited Minutes
Internet 1000 and Phone 200$65.981000 Mbps200 Minutes
Internet 1000 and Phone Unlimited$77.991000 MbpsUnlimited Minutes
Internet 1000 and Phone 250$69.991000 Mbps250 MInutes
Internet 1000 and Phone International Plus$81.981000 MbpsUnlimited Minutes
*Pricing information up-to-date as of 5/26/2021.

AT&T Internet, DirecTV And Digital Home Phone Bundles

PlanMonthly Bundle PriceDownload SpeedsAmount of ChannelsCalling Features
Internet 1000, DirecTV Entertainment, and Phone Unlimited North America$151.611000 Mbps185+Unlimited Calling
Internet 1000, DirecTV Choice, and Phone Unlimited North America$167.621000 Mbps235+Unlimited Calling
Internet 1000, DirecTV Ultimate, and Phone Unlimited North America$183.641000 Mbps250+Unlimited Calling
Internet 1000, DirecTV Premier, and Phone Unlimited North America$237.041000 Mbps330+Unlimited Calling
*Pricing information up-to-date as of 5/26/2021.

Using DirecTV and AT&T Wireless subscriptions, customers can even bundle television services with their cell phone plans to receive more for less. There are other phone plans you can choose from with fewer minutes or International calling with your bundle- it just goes to show you there are a multitude of ways to bundle your TV, phone and Internet with AT&T. 

If you’d prefer a simpler bundle, AT&T has other options to choose from with a “Build Your Bundle” option. Here are the various options you can choose from, to build the perfect bundle that works for you. 

DirecTV Television Options

Plan Amount of ChannelsMonthly Bundled PriceConnection Type Type of User 
DirecTV EntertainmentUp to 160$64.99SatelliteModerate viewers
DirecTV ChoiceUp to 185$69.99SatelliteHeavier viewers
DirecTV UltimateUp to 250$84.99SatelliteHeavier viewers
DirecTV PremierUp to 330$134.99SatelliteHeavier viewers
WorldDirect Preferred ChoiceUp to 145$54.99SatelliteModerate/viewers of international content
*Pricing information up-to-date as of 5/26/2021.

AT&T Internet

PlanMonthly Bundled PriceDownload Speeds
Internet 1000$39.991000 Mbps
*Pricing information up-to-date as of 5/26/2021.

AT&T Home Phone Voice Plans

PlanMonthly Bundled PriceMinutes Per Month
Phone 200$27.99200
Phone Unlimited North America$34.99Unlimited
Phone International Plus$41.99Unlimited
*Pricing information up-to-date as of 5/26/2021.

AT&T In-House Bundling with BundleFinders 

Every market and home is different in terms of needs, budgets, and packaging options. Finding the right ISP can be difficult and even when you do, how do you know you are getting the best possible plan for what you need? That’s where BundleFinders.com comes in. Our in-house bundling options can provide a custom home bundle that keeps you connected for less. You can also enter your home address and receive a completely personal look at who is available to service your home, and what home bundles they can provide. Contact us today to learn more, or to get started with one of our many AT&T home bundling options.

AT&T Bundling- Things To Consider 

A family of four using a number of devices including a tablet, computer, smart phone and TV.

When you are bundling your home’s Internet, TV, and phone services, there are many things to consider before simply selecting a plan. It’s a great idea to audit your needs so you can ideally find the right bundle before signing your name to a contract, for a plan that has either too little or too much for what’s needed in your home. You can either check out our helpful article here or take a look at the tips below!

Here are some of the questions you can ask yourself when self-auditing your service needs:

  • How much speed does your home need for your Internet activity?
  • Which ISPs and connection types can provide these speeds for your home?
  • What additional services beyond reliable, fast Internet do you need?
  • What ISPs and bundles are available for your home’s address?
  • How many channels and what content fits your home’s entertainment needs?
  • Do you use your home phone for domestic or international calls?
  • How often do you speak on a landline versus your cell phone?
  • Do you use your cell phone or home phone more regularly?

All of this and more can provide great starting points to consider before bundling. If your home bundles incorrectly you may be left dissatisfied with gaps in your service needs. Bundle with too many options and you could be overpaying for things you may never use. Self-auditing before you bundle will help you find the services you need, for a price you like and gain the satisfaction you deserve.

AT&T Internet Bundling Summary 

It’s easy to see that with AT&T, subscribers are given a multitude of options for Internet, television, and home phone plans and bundles. Subscribers can gain access in a variety of ways to one of the biggest Internet networks in America via DSL, fiber, or fixed wireless connection. AT&T offers many robust channel offerings through AT&T TV and DirecTV that can satisfy the most casual of viewers to the heaviest, including packages and offerings geared toward international viewers, movie lovers, and more. You can even bundle your home phone with options for light conversations to international calling or DirecTV with AT&T Wireless. The choices are all yours as AT&T and BundleFinders can present your home with a fully customizable, personalized package.