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AT&T TV at a Glance

  • A leader in many of the United States’ telecommunication services including DSL, fiber Internet, phone services including mobile devices, and television services.
  • AT&T has the capability of reaching both rural and urban markets with industry-leading investments in both its 5G network and Fiber Internet to expand upon its products.
  • AT&T provides both commitment based subscription and subscription services that are without a commitment to join.
  • AT&T customers are given top-quality features such as a DVR with 500 hours of storage, a mobile app for streaming on the go, and a Google-powered voice remote.

AT&T TV Overview

It’s impossible to speak on television providers without mentioning the name AT&T.

A pioneer of telephone and telegraph communications, AT&T was born in 1885 but has roots in 1877 under the name Southwestern Bell Telephone Company. AT&T has come a long way from where it started and is the largest DSL provider in America, the largest provider of fiber Internet in America, a television provider capable of reaching the entire nation with a concentrated market in 22 states, and one of the easiest brands to recognize in telecommunications. AT&T has resources that are very rarely matched and can provide quality services to both metro and rural areas including high-speed Internet and television options.

Its history is expansive involving many acquisitions, products, and points of expansion. Perhaps its most notable endeavor is the purchase of competitor DirecTV in 2015. This acquisition provided the company an even larger reach of customers by acquiring the biggest satellite television group in the United States and providing a subscriber base through DirecTV Now which is now AT&T Now.

AT&T began as a pioneer of telephone services so it should come as no surprise that the conglomerate has one of the largest customer bases within its cellular network and has even begun offering products for prepaid wireless customers through its Cricket brand.

AT&T continues to invest in its infrastructure to provide customers with the latest technology and smoothest experience possible. AT&T has invested over $130 billion in setting up its 5G network. The telecommunications giant is also in possession of over 1.1 million miles of fiber for its Internet offerings and continues to expand for the future. Combined, these efforts ensure that AT&T can provide both rural and urban customers with faster connections and higher quality products.

AT&T TV is a prime example of AT&T’s commitment to furthering its existing product line. Launched March 2, 2020, AT&T TV has replaced AT&T’s previous television option, U-Verse, and is accompanied by AT&T Now which offers a streaming option to access your favorite shows.

With a wide range of products that expand into various facets of telecommunications, AT&T presents many options for those looking to get the most out of their entertainment and communication subscriptions. These options can often lead to savings through bundling services and a variety of promotions.

In January of 2021, AT&T TV absorbed the AT&T TV Now business to become one entity. Subscribers of AT&T TV Now can still use their existing services, but no new customers will able to purchase AT&T TV Now services.

AT&T TV Availability

AT&T TV is a new product but its robust channel offerings are already available throughout AT&T’s service area.

AT&T TV can provide over 70 stunning HD channels for its subscribers. AT&T TV also comes with tens of thousands of on-demand entertainment, a DVR that is capable of recording 500 hours of HD footage, the ability to easily switch from your favorite show to other apps such as YouTube or Netflix, and its app for easy access when you are on the go. AT&T TV’s voice remote, powered by Google, allows you to search like never before. Customers can still catch their favorite local channels and are provided the opportunity to add premium channels for an additional fee.

AT&T TV Pricing, Plans, and Promotions

Depending on which route you take, the AT&T TV prices you will pay and the plans you can be offered will vary greatly. Furthermore, plans, promotions, bundles, and your location will all play a part in determining how much your television service will be.

AT&T TV is the perfect solution for those looking to get all that you can out of your television provider. AT&T TV plans can start as low as $59.99/month for the Entertainment package and can offer packages to include additional programming such as sports. AT&T TV offers a number of plans based on your budget and TV needs. Prices can range from $59.99/month for 65+ all the way up to $129.99/month for 140+ channels.

There are many additional add-ons such as premium channel providers, Spanish-speaking channels, and even international channels. The way you watch is up to you!

With a variety of options and access anywhere with an Internet source, AT&T continues to provide top-quality programming to its customers near and far. Prices and promotions are always subject to change and it should be noted that once your 3 months of free premium channels expire, you will be automatically billed if they are not canceled. Prices may go up after your initial year depending on your plan. Additional savings may be available when you bundle your television service with one of the many other AT&T products within its brand.

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Who is AT&T TV Right For?

AT&T TV is a wonderful option for many Americans but there are a variety of factors that go into determining the best television provider for you.

There are a lot of considerations such as location, budget, and price but for most people, it boils down to getting the best in entertainment for the lowest price within your home’s service area.

AT&T TV offers a wide variety of HD programming, some of the best DVR technology in the industry, mobility through AT&T’s mobile app, and the ability to reach anyone throughout the country. If you are connected to a fast, reliable Internet source, AT&T can provide a high-quality product for your home.

AT&T TV TV Television Reviews and Customer Satisfaction

Researching your television provider will go a long way in finding the perfect match for your home’s entertainment needs.

One of our favorite ways to research a provider is to do so through online reviews. Online reviews are a great way to gain insight from fellow consumers. We here at BundleFinders encourage our readers to conduct their due diligence but to remember that reviews are only a part of the picture.

It is important to remember that some reviews may be misguided from a place of emotion and that AT&T services millions of customers with a wide variety of experiences, products, and expectations. Websites boasting raving reviews and some displaying terrible reviews are all small portions of the overall AT&T client experience. Discretion is highly advised.