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Buckeye Broadband Internet Offers – May 2022

Starter Internet

Peak Download Speeds25 Mbps





250 GB

Perfect for staying connected through email, checking your favorite social media pages, and light browsing.

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Essential Internet

Peak Download Speeds100 Mbps





Unlimited Data for First 6 Months

Power multiple devices at once with speeds that support streaming, online gaming, and quick downloads throughout your home.

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Ultimate Internet

Peak Download Speeds200 Mbps





Unlimited Data for First 6 Months

Stream easily, play the latest games online, download your favorite files, and host multiple devices at once.

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Monthly rates and all fees are always subject to change. Not all fees may be applicable. Be sure to review your offer before subscribing.


Buckeye Broadband


  • $500 When You Switch to Buckeye BroadbandSubscribers get up to a $500 Reward Card when they switch to Buckeye Broadband. It’s the Internet service that pays!
  • No Contract Options are AvailableBuckeye Broadband offers its subscribers no-contract options so you can try the service and cancel if the service isn’t right for you. It’s the freedom to choose with no strings attached.
  • Buckeye Broadband Let’s You Bundle and SaveSubscribers can bundle their services together to gain access to high-speed Internet and television services that fit your needs and help your budget.
  • SmartNet Helps You Manage and Protect Your DevicesSmartNet powered by eero can help keep your home covered with ample WiFi coverage, manage your various devices, and control Internet access to help keep your network and devices secure.
  • Customer Service Day or NightBuckeye Broadband’s customer service team, the Buckeye Brainiacs, are available for your needs 24/7. They can assist remotely or in your home and help with Internet connections and equipment.

Every Plan and Price for Every Internet Provider at Your Address.


  • Buckeye Broadband delivers Internet, television, and phone services to homes in Michigan and Ohio.
  • Buckeye Broadband was founded in 1996 in Toledo, OH and can provide subscribers with quality Internet connections via cable or fiber connections.
  • Buckeye Broadband offers unlimited data Internet plans.
  • Subscribers can bundle Internet and television services for additional savings.


Started in 1996 as The CableSystem before becoming Buckeye CableSystem, Buckeye Broadband delivers fast, reliable Internet connections, comprehensive television packages, and quality home phone services to homes in Michigan and Ohio. Buckeye Broadband offers its Internet services primarily through its cable network with select markets capable of connecting with its fiber network- giving homes some of the fastest residential speeds available.


Your home’s download speeds will be affected by many different factors. The location of your home, the type of Internet connection you are capable of receiving, and the plans that are available for you to use are just some of the many factors that go into how fast your Internet speeds will be.

Buckeye Broadband delivers an assortment of Internet plans and bundles for subscribers to find the perfect solution for their Internet service needs. Buckeye Broadband subscribers can enjoy speeds of 25 Mbps with a range that can reach an eye-popping 1000 Mbps through fiber depending on your area and plan. Some plans come with a monthly data cap of 250 GB but unlimited data is also available. Though its fiber network is limited in coverage, Buckeye Broadband has the reach of over half a million Americans in Michigan and Ohio that are capable of connecting to its cable network.


With a variety of plans and bundling options, Buckeye Broadband can provide the services you need for a cost that also fits your budget.

Buckeye Broadband offers cable Internet plans starting at introductory prices that may range between $19.99-$39.99/month for its Starter Internet package offering 25 Mbps depending on the promotional prices being offered at that time and then the regular rate of $39.99 per month. These plans also come with a data cap of 250 GB. Buckeye Broadband’s cable Internet subscribers looking for additional speeds are in luck as its Ultimate Internet plan provides 200 Mbps beginning at $59.99/month. These speeds are great for homes with multiple devices that require streaming, gaming, and downloading simultaneously. In markets with fiber connections, customers can experience the fastest speeds Buckeye Broadband has to offer all with unlimited data through its Gig Plus plan for $289.99/month.

On top of Internet-only plans, Buckeye Broadband offers its Internet services bundled to help you save with great television packages:

  • Subscribers can gain access to 25 Mbps and more than 30 channels for $49.99/month without a contract and a waived equipment fee for 6 months through its HD Cable TV & Broadband Internet bundle.
  • If you need more channels, Buckeye Broadband’s Popular Standard & Broadband Internet bundle offers subscribers 25 Mbps with 100+ channels for $99.99/month.
  • Customers can also subscribe to the Express Essential bundle to gain 100 Mbps Internet speeds with DVR services and over 100 channels for $179.97/month.

Buckeye Broadband services are offered high and wide in terms of pricing and plans. There are a variety of options that can help you find the exact plan that fits your home’s needs and your budget.
No matter what your needs are for your home’s Internet and television services, Buckeye Broadband can provide the right plan or bundle for you. At BundleFinders.com, we work to provide you with a personalized look at the plans and providers available to your home. To learn more or to get started, contact our team of experts today.


Buckeye Broadband offers a competitive service for cable and fiber Internet solutions for residents of Michigan and Ohio with great prices and some of the fastest Internet speeds in select markets.

Everyone has unique needs and budgets that will determine which ISP and plan can provide the right services to fit what’s right for your home. Overall, the ISP that is capable of providing the fastest speeds, with the best features, for the lowest costs is going to usually be the way to go. Buckeye Broadband offers quality Internet and television services to match its top-notch 24/7 customer service and digital security options. Considering it also offers home phone solutions, Buckeye Broadband can be a great solution for many homes within its service markets.


BundleFinders works to provide consumers with as much information as possible so that they may make an informed decision when selecting an ISP for their home. In addition to our information, we highly recommend our readers conduct additional research and develop a well-rounded view of who they are subscribing with beforehand.
One of the best places to research companies is through reading online reviews. Online reviews give consumers a point of view from fellow consumers and can help when making a purchasing decision. It is important to note that while reviews are great, readers should use discretion. Some reviews may come from a place of ill-intent or anger instead of a place of facts. Reviews can also be a great place to look into a company but cannot tell the entire picture. Experiences will vary based on your location, expectations, the plans you are offered, and more.

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