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C Spire Internet Offers – September 2023

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Peak Download Speeds940 Mbps






Perfect for homes with multiple devices heavily using the Internet at the same time. Great for gaming, streaming, and downloads.

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  • Unmatched Speed Capable of 10X the National AverageC Spire fiber Internet connections allow for speeds unmatched by most competitors and a reliable connection you can count on. 
  • Bundle and Save With C SpireWhen you subscribe with C Spire, you can bundle your Internet with their TV and phone services for the most savings possible.
  • There are no Data Caps With C SpireSurf, stream, download, and play games as much as your heart desires. With C Spire, no hard data caps are holding your Internet usage back.
  • Plume Adaptive Wi-Fi Learns Your Needs and Maximizes Your BandwidthUsing cutting-edge technology, C Spire provides customers with its Smart Wi-Fi Plume Adaptive Wi-Fi. This Wi-Fi is capable of learning when, where, and how you use your broadband so that it can allocate your signal effectively. Users can also take advantage of parental controls, increased security, and protect your home while providing limited access to guests.
  • Local Customer Service Available Around the ClockDay or night the team of C Spire is ready to serve you. C Spire’s 24/7 customer service team provides personalized attentiveness and service from local team members ready to cater to your needs.

Every Plan and Price for Every Internet Provider at Your Address.


  • C Spire offers high-speed Internet to rural communities in MS, AL, TN, and FL through 10,000 miles of buried fiber-optic cables.
  • One of America’s top 10 fiber-optic providers.
  • C Spire’s fiber Internet can reach speeds that are over 10X the national average with plans starting at $85/month.
  • Customers can shop a variety of plans and packages with bundling options that save money.


In the heart of Mississippi comes a telecommunications company from Telepak Networks, Inc. that has helped push cutting edge technology within the South for over eight decades. Beginning in the 1950s and eventually growing into the modern provider we know today, C Spire, previously Cellular South, Inc., offers a variety of solutions for both residential and business accounts including the Internet, television, and phone services.

C Spire has invested hundreds of millions of dollars into itself to improve its services and is currently continuing to build out its fiber Internet options for consumers. C Spire has also expanded its reach throughout more rural areas through both partnerships and acquisitions to better serve its customers. In fact, C Spire has built over 1,200 cell sites and boasts between 9,000-10,000 route miles of buried fiber-optic cables ready to provide consumers with the fastest Internet connections possible.

Just how fast are C Spire’s Internet speeds? By taking a closer look we can see how one of the country’s top 10 fiber-optic providers brings speed to those who may otherwise be overlooked.


Internet connectivity is no longer a luxury but in modern America, it is a necessity. Our lives are so intertwined with the Internet that quality, fast access is needed to conduct even some of the most routine activities we require to function in society.

Proudly servicing regions of Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, and Louisiana that may otherwise be neglected, C Spire connects these areas with reliable, fast Internet residents can use to stream movies, download music, conduct online banking, or view memes on their favorite social media platforms.

What exactly constitutes as fast? C Spire’s Fiber Internet product can produce speeds of up to 940 Mbps (megabytes per second) for their customers. That’s over 10 times the national average. Speeds can and will vary and are dependent on a variety of factors such as website traffic, number connected devices, and distance from where your signal is being distributed. C Spire works to mitigate some of these factors by offering quick, trustworthy options to fulfill your home’s Internet need by continuing to invest in its network and produce faster speeds for their ever-expanding coverage areas. 

As a part of a multi-year developmental plan to provide higher speeds at no extra costs to its customers, C Spire begun using 2.5 GHz spectrum in 2017 to deliver speeds of 100 Mbps; however, thanks to additional investments, C Spire has taken these speeds to 200 Mbps in many locations and implemented true 5G technology within its infrastructure.

Another incredible feature C Spire brings to the table is their intuitive Plume Adaptive Wi-Fi. This Smart Wi-Fi technology can learn how your home uses bandwidth and can adjust to ensure the rooms in your home that need the Internet the most are given an adequate amount. C Spire’s Smart Wi-Fi also provides parents with the controls they need to keep their children safe online and increased security to protect their sensitive information from digital threats. You can even set up guest Wi-Fi options to keep your guests connected but restrict access. C Spire is also capable of connecting homes through their DSL and copper Internet products but they are only available in Mississippi and Alabama respectively.

The bottom line is that C Spire services urban areas within its marketplace but commits to providing a rural market unbelievable speeds where many other companies have turned a blind eye. Not only by simply providing a quality Internet service but also by providing continuous improvements that push areas forward and improve the lives of its customers.


Variety is an important word to keep in mind when comparing various Internet prices and plans. Depending on the amount of speed/data you will desire, the plans that are offered by the Internet provider you are shopping, and the promotion they offer, you can and will see a wide range of products built to fit different needs for different customers.

C Spire offers its customers one blazing fast package reaching the speeds of 940 Mbps. C Spire customers can also rest easy as there are no data caps on their plans, so you can use your Internet as you see fit without worrying about a reduction in speed or overage fees.

Fiber Internet does require a 2-year commitment but other services that may be bundled for savings, do not require such a commitment. Specifically, if you maintain both fiber and wireless services on your account, you will receive a $10 credit on your fiber bill each month both are an active service linked to your account.

Has C Spire inspired you to find out more?

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Picking an Internet provider can be simplified in the sense that the goal for most consumers is to have the fastest speeds available for their home at the lowest price possible. Rural areas within C Spire’s service market can benefit from their various high-speed products where slower options may be the only alternatives available to their home. C Spire is the perfect solution for residents in underserved locations who enjoy:

  • Streaming HD videos on multiple devices.
  • Download speeds that are not hindered by data caps.
  • Plans that save you money when you bundle other services including television.

For many, C Spire may not be the ideal candidate with the availability of other providers within more urbanized, southern cities; however, rural residents will bask in the quality connections provided by one of the regions most committed Internet provider’s quality services.


BunderFinders works to provide as much information as possible to consumers about potential Internet providers and what they have to offer each of their service areas.

We are strong believers in our readers conducting their independent research and encourage potential customers to educate themselves through various forms of content on each provider to ensure an informed decision is made.

One of the best ways to do so is to research the reviews of previous and current customers. You can find a wealth of information through C Spire’s reviews here, although we do also encourage readers to be mindful that many reviews can come from a place of emotion rather than accurately depicting a situation. We advise that readers research with discretion in mind.

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