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CenturyLink Internet Offers – September 2023

Fiber Gigabit

Peak Download Speeds940 Mbps





1 TB data allowance per month

For homes with up to 20 connected devices, this plan is perfect for users that do a lot of streaming, gaming and other download heavy activities.

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CenturyLink Fiber


  • Unlimited DataCenturyLink won’t hassle you with data overages. It’s your Internet, use it as much as you like!
  • 24/7 Customer SupportHelp is always available 24/7 through phone or chat!
  • In-Home WiFiConnect all of your favorite devices and feel free to roam your home with fast in-home WiFi with no limits.
  • No Contract, No ProblemYou won’t be tied to a multi-year contract with CenturyLink. Pay for as long as you want and cancel at any time without worrying about cancellation fees.
  • You Can Use Your Own EquipmentHave equipment you’d like to use? No problem. Check here for CenturyLink compatible equipment.

Every Plan and Price for Every Internet Provider at Your Address.


  • CenturyLink is a popular internet service available in 36 states. 
  • CenturyLink doesn’t have data overages.
  • Bundle discounts are currently available if you add DISH TV or CenturyLink home phone to your internet selection.
  • Prices and speed vary by area, but generally start at $50 per month, and speeds up to 940 Mbps are available.





Louisiana is known for many wonderful things: delicious food, elaborate festivals, eclectic musicians, and its unique wildlife and outdoors. But The Pelican State is pumping out much more than good times and tasty meals. CenturyLink is a technology services company based out of Monroe, Louisiana that is providing lightning fast Internet solutions for North America and beyond!


Founded in 1930, CenturyLink has grown into one of the major providers in the United States for Internet services, voice, cloud storage, and television. CenturyLink is a global company that currently serves customers across North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific. CenturyLink provides many services including cloud services, security options, but the company has truly made its name as an internet service provider (ISP) that provides quality Internet solutions for residents across the world through its Fiber and DSL offerings!





The Internet is a vast place with many different users and applications. Someone looking to only check email, a few news websites, and occasionally surf the web will have very different needs than someone looking to stream video through various devices at the same time. CenturyLink recognizes that no two users are the same and provides their customers with a variety of plans and speeds to choose from to find the perfect solution for their specific needs.


CenturyLink offers a variety of packages that range in speed starting at 12 Mbps and going all the way up to a gigabit through their state-of-the-art Fiber offerings. These options are perfect because not only do they each provide fast, reliable Internet, but they provide customers options based upon their needs for their home.


With CenturyLink, you will have access to top-of-the-line WiFi service with whatever speeds you need throughout your entire home. Their network is designed to deal with multiple devices connecting simultaneously, which means your entire family can watch movies, play games, and stream music whenever they like. Although based in Louisiana, CenturyLink is available in a total of 36 states in North America alone.


Unsure whether or not your home is in an area in which CenturyLink services? Check out our comprehensive coverage map on BundleFinders.com to see if your home is within CenturyLink’s network.








The amount customers will pay for their Internet service is dependent upon many factors such as their plan, a company’s current promotions, location, the number of services they purchase from a provider, etc. CenturyLink is no different and depending upon what your lifestyle demands can affect the plan/price you will receive/pay.

CenturyLink also offers home phone service via traditional landline, featuring reliable, crystal clear call quality. CenturyLink’s home phone service offers local, long-distance, and VoIP calling. Naturally, CenturyLink offers a variety of home phone packages and finding the right package for your home comes down to which calling plan you choose, particularly when considering international calls. CenturyLink offers a range of solutions from high-end packages with over 100 countries included in cheaper packages for those looking to call countries that are closer to the U.S. like Canada and Mexico. 

The best part?

Bundling your Internet service with additional offerings with these phone services can also lead to more savings! In addition to phone services to complement their Internet packages, CenturyLink has also teamed up with DISH Network to provide quality television services to its customers. Their TV Packages start at $64.99/month with 190 channels and the opportunity to upgrade to HD channels with their most advanced HD DVR system yet, Hopper 3. The technology in Hopper 3 allows users to:

  • Watch and record 16 shows at the same time
  • Achieve 4K resolution
  • Use various popular streaming apps such as Netflix and YouTube
  • Play up to 4 channels simultaneously on a single screen

Bundling and providing additional services are always welcomed when access is increased and money is saved, but CenturyLink doesn’t just keep up with the competition, it leads the way in innovative ways to bring value to customers through their plans and offerings. With so many options, it can be easy to fall victim to data overload. There are many options ahead of consumers but there is ultimately one question the modern user needs to be answered…





Picking your home’s Internet provider can be tricky but it doesn’t have to be. CenturyLink is a quality option with some of the fastest speeds available in North America. Tack on the fact that you can save and simplify through bundling your home’s phone and television services and CenturyLink is well-positioned to provide you with more bang for your buck than many other telecommunication companies.


Most consumers are looking to achieve the same thing: gaining the fastest access to the Internet for the lowest price possible. When CenturyLink is capable of whether through pricing, plan, or promotion to achieve this feat, they are an impressive option for your home’s Internet needs.


CenturyLink does not typically throttle their Internet, purposefully withholding speed from a user, but there is a data cap of 1 terabyte (TB) for DSL users. There is no fee for going over but you may be asked to increase your current plan and repeat offenders can be disconnected altogether.


If you are an extremely heavy user, your best bet would be to stick with CenturyLink’s Fiber offering as those users are not held to any sort of data cap and can freely use the Internet without the threat of going over their limit. Both urban and rural homes can benefit when CenturyLink is available as a provider. From its immense offering to its wide range of coverage, and even its award-winning customer service, CenturyLink brings excellence to each of its customers.


Find the perfect plan from CenturyLink for your home clicking here and be on your way to fast, reliable Internet today!





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