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DISH TV Offers – December 2023

America's Top 120





This introductory package has everything included: free premium channels, a Hopper Smart HD DVR, integrated Netflix and voice remote. Perfect for the casual TV viewer who wants all of their favorite locals plus ESPN, CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, Disney and others!

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America's Top 200





Enjoy a little more TV with the most popular package from DISH. This package includes everything in the America's Top 120 package, plus an additional 50 channels including viewer must-haves such as MLB Network, Bravo, Disney Junior and more!

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America's Top 250





For the ultimate TV lover, you’ll get everything included in the previous packages plus the entire DISH channel lineup! Noteworthy mentions include Bloomberg Television, Destination America, Fox Movie Channel and the entire lineup from STARZ.

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Monthly rates and all fees are always subject to change. Not all fees may be applicable. Be sure to review your offer before subscribing.


DISH Network


  • $100 Prepaid Card When You Sign UpDISH gives qualified subscribers a $100 prepaid card when you sign up today!
  • No Surprises With DISH’s 3-Year Price LockYou’ll have the same bill every month for 3-years with DISH. No price increases, no hidden fees, just great TV at a great price.
  • Hopper Smart HD DVRTake your TV experience to the next level with DISH’s exclusive Hopper Smart HD DVR. Watch all of your favorite shows On Demand, record multiple shows at once and enjoy over 13 days of recording storage!
  • DISH Voice remote with Google AssistantSearch for your favorite programming and find content faster with a voice remote powered by Google. The best part? You’ll never have to worry about losing your remote again with the self-location feature.
  • FREE Premium Channels and Streaming App IntegrationDISH customers can take advantage of three free months of Showtime, Starz and DISH Movie Pack! PLUS get easy access to your favorite streaming apps like SlingTV, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Every Plan and Price for Every TV Provider at Your Address.


  • DISH is a leader in providing quality satellite television to millions of viewers throughout 50 states, making it a great solution for both rural and urban homes.
  • DISH offers a variety of products to its subscribers including streaming options from SlingTV and DVR services via Hopper.
  • DISH is expanding into other telecommunication services and already provides opportunities for customers to save including bundling and 3-year price locks.
  • DISH’s Hopper 3 DVR can store 500 hours of HD recordings.


Servicing 12 million subscribers, DISH is one of the largest providers of satellite television in America. As a product that began in 1996 under the EchoStar Corporation, DISH, formally DISH Network, has been providing consumers an array of satellite television products for decades such as pay television, pay-per-view, and streaming.

Over the years, DISH has expanded its hand in delivering consumers the content they desire and offering additional services through acquisitions. Most notably, DISH acquired a variety of businesses in 2011 that had filed for bankruptcy including Blockbuster, DBSD, and TerreStar.

With the purchase of Blockbuster, DISH was able to acquire the rights of its video distribution and other intellectual properties. This included an agreement to secure titles for Blockbuster 28 days before rival streaming services. DISH was also able to begin offering streaming options to current DISH customers through the titles that were available to Blockbuster.

SlingTV was released shortly after as a way for non-DISH customers to stream movies and shows. DISH also developed a DVR line known as Hopper which can be used as an individual device or through its app that can be downloaded on other hardware such as Sony’s PlayStation 4. DISH Anywhere also allows subscribers to access their favorite shows on DISH through an app when they are away from their television. Each of these platforms was developed as a strategic move to remain competitive and relevant as consumers shift the way television is viewed.

DISH has long desired to enter the wireless service landscape and due to the merger that was approved between T-Mobile and Sprint, DISH has come to an agreement and will become the new fourth nationwide wireless network provider. DISH continues to provide customers solutions and position itself to grow in a changing industry where others may fall behind. Its ambitions don’t simply include providing service to Americans via mobile, but to cover 70% of the country with 5G by 2023.

Through bundling DISH’s various products, along with satellite Internet or Internet provided by partners where available, consumers are presented with a variety of products at an affordable cost.


DISH is a massive provider of quality satellite television and is available in all 50 states.

This allows DISH to provide millions with a variety of quality options. With its extensive product offerings such as DISH Anywhere, Hopper, and SlingTV, DISH can provide its subscribers with access that is almost limitless with a quality Internet connection. This is great news for consumers because, with over 290 channels available, DISH’s customers will have plenty of ways to watch a variety of content including basic and expanded cable channels, local channels, premium channels, movies, and more.

DISH is an excellent choice for customers who are in rural areas as they continue to lead the way in providing quality television to areas that may otherwise be without options.


Consumers are in luck because with an array of plans to choose from, DISH offers a product for each budget and need.

Pricing can vary depending on the number of channels you wish to include in your package, your service address, installation fees, and the promotions available. Luckily, most standard installation fees are free for DISH customers; however, additional fees may occur for certain additional services such as Smart Home installation.

DISH customers have the opportunity to receive 190 channels beginning at $79.99/month. HD channel packages begin at $94.99/month for 190+ channels, $99.99/month for 240+ channels, and $109.99/month for 290+ channels. All packages come with Hopper Duo for those who qualify and require a 3-year commitment that locks your rate when signing. Be aware that canceling DISH early can also lead to fees of up to $20/month for the remainder of the contract you have signed. Customers can add additional products such as Hopper 3 or Hopper with Sling for an additional $5/month.

DISH has also developed plans to help customers who are over the age of 55, first responders, Veterans, or active military. These plans include perks such as a DISH protection plan for the equipment that is free for the first 6 months, $0 technician fees/replacement fees, and a free movie rental each month.

Your channel selection may vary from package to package, so consumers must determine which channels are available on a particular package before purchasing.

Similarly, SlingTV offers different packages available for streaming, yet each package has a unique set of channels. Both the Orange and Blue plans will feature 30+ and 40+ live channels respectively; however, customers looking to get all 70+ can purchase them both together for $45/month.

With so many options, DISH can keep you viewing your favorite shows no matter where you are or what your budget may be. But with so many options, and prices always being subject to change, choosing a plan can feel overwhelming at times. Finding the right package for your entertainment needs doesn’t have to be a hassle. If you are considering DISH or would like to learn more about all the products and features DISH has to offer, contact the experts at to learn more or get started today.


DISH has a lot to offer its customers and can compete with any rival television provider on an equal playing field. If DISH is available in your area, there is a good chance that it is among the best options available for your home.

The final decision on choosing the right television provider for your needs is to determine what is important for your home’s entertainment needs and who can provide those services for the lowest cost possible in your area.

DISH television is great for many consumers; however, if you are a sports fan, DISH can take your entertainment to the next level. DISH offers a variety of sports packages that set the standard for sports entertainment:

  • DISH’s Multi-Sport Pack gives subscribers year-round coverage of a variety of sports and programming for $13/month.
  • Get into the outdoors from the comfort of your couch with DISH’s Outdoor Pack showcasing the best in hunting, fishing, and travel for only $4/month.
  • Stay connected to all things Cricket with Willow Cricket HD for $14.99/month.
  • Follow the beautiful game with FOX Soccer Plus added to your subscription for $15/month.
  • Never miss a basket with both NBA League Pass and NBA Team Pass available.
  • View the best hockey has to offer through NHL Center Ice with up to 14 out of market games each night.
  • Grab some peanuts and Cracker Jack as you catch every inning from your home or streaming anywhere through MLB Extra Innings.

DISH also provides subscribers with access to plenty of additional options through pay-per-view.

DISH also has a pair of features that are unique in the marketplace.  Primetime Anytime, available with Hopper 3, automatically records primetime programming from the four major networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox) to your DVR and holds those programs for 10 days. This allows viewers to easily watch their favorite shows, and consider new ones, without having to specifically set those programs to record on your DVR.  They do automatically delete after that time, so if you want to keep your favorite episodes for longer, you’ll need to record those separately (which takes seconds). Also, the Hopper 3 from DISH has integrated multi-view options where you can watch up to four programs on your screen at once. You choose the channels and which one gets the audio.  This feature is great for sports lovers and those following breaking news events.

Boasting many HD channel options, local television, streaming services, and DVR services that can store an astounding 500 hours of HD video, DISH can provide both rural and urban consumers with a quality product.


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We like to inspire our readers to conduct their additional research to help guide them on their buyer’s journey. One of the many ways to do this is by reading online reviews. Viewing DISH’s reviews can help consumers gain additional information from the perspective of a fellow consumer.

It is important to remember that with millions of customers, experiences on DISH can vary greatly depending on a customer’s location and expectations. Some reviews may portray more of an emotional recollection instead of a factual and, therefore, all reviews should be read with a degree of caution and these things in mind.