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EarthLink Internet Offers – December 2023

Fiber 100

Peak Download Speeds100 Mbps






Ideal for heavy Internet usage like gaming, streaming and working from home.

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Fiber 1 Gig

Peak Download Speeds1000 Mbps






Stream, game, and work from home.

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LTE Home 100 GB

Peak Download SpeedsUp to 100 Mbps






Basic streaming, browsing, email, and social media.

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Monthly rates and all fees are always subject to change. Not all fees may be applicable. Be sure to review your offer before subscribing.




  • Security by EarthLink SecureIn a world where everything is digital, security is top-of-mind with most. EarthLink provides a suite of products to protect your information.
  • Unparalleled SpeedsEarthLink is one of the nation’s leading providers of fiber Internet and can deliver incredibly fast speeds with super-low latency. If you’re in an area with fiber availability, you can game for hours and stream endlessly with no limits or lag.
  • EarthLink Premium EmailEarthLink provides secure email services that allow you to communicate with peace-of-mind. You can have up to 8 email addresses, as well as 10 additional anonymous email addresses. Because EarthLink is big on security, you’ll get an automatic virus and spam protection.
  • True Unlimited DataEarthLink offers real unlimited data to all of its users. So, you can game, stream, and surf endlessly without disruption in your service. 
  • Self-Installation Available for DSLCustomers who choose DSL can opt for self-installation for $19.95 for the self-install kit and modem.


  • EarthLink is America’s leading DSL Internet provider.
  • EarthLink has improved throughout the years and offers some of the highest speeds available through its fiber Internet.
  • EarthLink is available in over 50% of the homes in America.
  • EarthLink offers many products with strong Internet solutions for both urban and rural America alike.


Birthed almost out of necessity, EarthLink’s humble beginnings come from curiosity and determination.

In 1994, long before smartphones were in the hands of nearly every American, before Wi-Fi was an expectation and not a luxury, and even before Google itself, EarthLink’s founder Sky Dayton had a problem: how could he connect to the Internet?

After spending a week attempting to connect to the world wide web, Dayton discovered that the Internet was on the brink of becoming the next great landscape for communication but was difficult to connect to. Rather than seeing this challenge as a setback, his entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and treated it as an opportunity to provide simplified access for users to connect their devices.

With the help of investors, Dayton was able to develop EarthLink and began offering dial-up Internet services with unlimited data usage to 98 cities in the United States by 1995. Fast forward to today, and EarthLink is still offering quality Internet access with unlimited data in addition to DSL, cable, 4G, and satellite Internet options. This expansion was in part to two major events:

EarthLink is the largest DSL provider in the United States and boasts a variety of Internet solutions to over 671,000 active subscribers


Like many Internet service providers (ISP), availability is dependent on where you live. However, as the leading provider of DSL, EarthLink can reach 50% of homes across the country with a viable Internet solution in both rural and urban markets.

Speeds can vary from location to location and have a lot of different factors such as the number of devices in use at once, the plans offered by your Internet provider, the distance in which your Internet’s signal must travel, and so on. EarthLink does a great job of not only covering many Americans but providing them with a variety of options in speed and price.

The result?

A variety of plans to fit each individual’s Internet needs. EarthLink’s DSL plans start around 15 Mbps which is perfect for the more casual Internet browser. Heavier users shouldn’t fear, however, because EarthLink’s fiber Internet options range between 250 Mbps and 1000 Mbps. Both options are more than enough to handle multiple devices, streaming HD and 4K videos, downloading your favorite artists’ newest releases, and so much more. 

To see if EarthLink is available for your home, contact the experts at Our team is capable of finding the exact Internet providers available for your home specific to your address. 


Customers considering EarthLink will be well-positioned because of their variety of plans and pricing all built around your speed needs. 

More options mean you can control what plan better fits your budget and lifestyle needs. For only $49.95/month, EarthLink can provide homes with quality DSL Internet perfect for lighter browsing households that want to stay connected.

If you’re looking to do a bit more, EarthLink also offers additional packages such as their HyperLink 100Mbps for $79.95/month with speeds that are built to support multiple devices, HD streaming, a smoother online gaming experience, and much more.

Still not enough?

Why not opt for EarthLink’s highest fiber package with speeds capable of reaching 1000 Mbps for $99.95/month?

These plans and more are available to fulfill the needs of your home and with EarthLink, while there may be an upfront fee of $69.95 for setups, don’t expect hidden fees or data caps while using their services. Though users should be aware that through partnerships with companies such as AT&T, there may be data restrictions imposed by larger networks in which EarthLink shares a network with.

Ultimately, there are a variety of elements that go into the actual price a home must pay to receive the Internet from EarthLink or any other ISP for that matter. One must consider the plans that are available in your home’s area, the prices they are advertised as, and also any promotional pricing that may be taking place. Promotional pricing should be considered beyond the present and into the future so that homeowners aren’t hit with any surprises should promotions end or prices change in the future.


Determining whether EarthLink is the right ISP for your home may have a variety of things to consider, but the bottom line for many consumers boils down to finding a company that can provide the most speed for less money than the competition.

In many urbanized areas, EarthLink can provide a wonderful product because they have a wide reach and the capability of supplying speeds that are competitive with any of the major carriers. Additionally, in more rural settings, EarthLink can beat out many of its competitors.

Rural Internet speeds are notorious for being less than stellar and as the largest DSL network in America, EarthLink can provide reliable, fast Internet services to its patrons when and where others cannot. DSL connections provide a much faster connection by reducing its signal’s latency. Latency refers to the time it takes for a signal to respond to an action conducted by the user online. Rural areas in which satellites may be one of the only options for the Internet, cannot compare because the distance between space and your home increases the amount of latency in your signal, thus providing a delayed experience all around.

If you think EarthLink can provide your home with a quality Internet connection and would like to get started, call the experts at or simply click here to learn about EarthLink and how to get started today. 


Finding the right Internet provider can seem difficult at times but through diligent research, educated consumers can find the ISP and plan that makes the most sense for their home.

We love to encourage our readers to conduct additional research outside of BundleFinders’s articles by viewing what other consumers have to say about their experience.

Online reviews of EarthLink are available and can provide alternative voices from fellow consumers that can help curate a decision that makes sense for your situation.

Please be mindful that reviews may be coming from a place of emotion instead of the facts surrounding a situation and should be considered with judgment. Even more than that, online reviews are only a small sample of a larger market in which EarthLink operates. Their customer base of over 600,000 is vast and experiences both good and bad may vary depending on a plethora of reasons.