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EnTouch Internet Offers – July 2022

enTouch 50

Peak Download Speeds300 Mbps





1 TB

Light to medium users can surf the web and enjoy streaming video, downloading music, and playing their favorite games.

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enTouch 600

Peak Download Speeds600 Mbps





1 TB

Great for homes with multiple users, especially medium usage homes. More ideal for online gaming and streaming multiple devices in HD at the same time.

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enTouch 940

Peak Download Speeds940 Mbps





1 TB

Support over 12 devices at once and stream in 4K HD, download files quickly, and get the most out of your favorite video games. Recommended for homes with heavier use.

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Monthly rates and all fees are always subject to change. Not all fees may be applicable. Be sure to review your offer before subscribing.


En-Touch Systems, Inc.


  • Bundle Your enTouch Services and SaveenTouch provides subscribers with plenty of bundle packages that include its many other services including television, home phone, home security and home automation.
  • enTouch Subscribers Gain Access to ESPN 3Gain exclusive access to content from one of the biggest names in sports when you subscribe with enTouch as your Internet service provider (ISP).
  • Houston’s Premier Fiber-optic NetworkReliable, fast Internet connections through enTouch’s state-of-the-art fiber-optic network mean you get blazing fast speeds that won’t let you down.
  • Your Equipment is Included With Your SubscriptionQualifying plans come with all the equipment you need to connect to enTouch’s high-speed network at no additional cost to you.
  • Unbeatable Customer ServiceenTouch takes pride in how we assist our subscribers. Customers can receive assistance 24/7, so you can gain peace of mind in knowing enTouch will be there for your day or night.

Every Plan and Price for Every Internet Provider at Your Address.


Entouch Logo
  • enTouch is a top fiber Internet provider in the Greater Houston area including Cypress, Katy, Missouri City, Richmond, Rosenberg, Rosharon, Spring, Sugar Land, The Woodlands, & Tomball.
  • enTouch provides next-level customer service and has technicians that are available 24/7/365, so you can get the service you need no matter when you need it. 
  • Stream 4K HD video, download large files and music, play the latest online games, and support multiple devices on some of the fastest Internet speeds in the Houston area.
  • enTouch subscribers can bundle with a variety of enTouch services, such as television, home phone, or home security, to get more while saving money in the process.


enTouch, Systems has been serving Houstonians with exceptional levels of customer service and the best in telecommunication technologies for nearly 25 years. Founded by H.E. Bovay Jr., enTouch has been working to provide quality services while giving back to the communities it is honored to serve. Since connecting our first subscriber in 1996, to the thousands of customers in store for the future, enTouch works to provide each customer a personalized level of service and enjoys its commitment to remain involved within the Houston community.

enTouch works vigorously to lead by example and provides its customers with continuous innovative services. One of the pioneers of offering triple-play bundles, enTouch is now proud to be a Houston area leader in providing fiber Internet as well as a suite of additional telecommunications services including digital television, home phone, home security, and home automation services. While enTouch continues to expand its reach across the Houston market, it also retains many of its talented employees to provide customers with a team of experienced experts who know their market well.


enTouch provides a variety of Internet plans that cater to different speeds and price points to fit the needs of its customers both in function and in price.

Though offering cable Internet to some subscribers, fiber Internet is the future and allows ISPs to provide a greater amount of reliable speed capable of outpacing cable connections on many occasions. enTouch is proud to offer various fiber Internet speeds that are built to save you money and keep you connected. From 50 Mbps all the way to a blinding 1000 Mbps and everything between, enTouch keeps you in touch via fast, trustworthy connections. Stand-alone Internet plans begin at 50 Mbps and can reach up to 1000 Mbps. Every plan comes with 1 TB of data allowance, so you can download a tremendous amount without worrying about data.

Internet speeds are dependent on a variety of factors. Location plays a big part in your speeds as the further your home is from your ISP, the slower your Internet speeds may be. Weather can play a part or obstructions of any kind when using an Internet connection such as fixed wireless. Speed can even be affected during the times you are using your Internet connection and the number of users either in your home or service area in general. With enTouch Intern, subscribers are provided with dependable, fast Internet connections that are capable of reaching the speeds they advertise consistently for a quality, seamless experience. 


With over half a million fiber Internet subscribers, enTouch has a large number of plans and packages to fit your needs. Prices, plans, and promotions may change due to several factors including where your home is located.

enTouch offers a variety of Internet-only plans as mentioned before, but customers can also bundle their Internet services with digital TV.

All plans come with a Netgear router and modem, a TiVo DVR, and speeds capable of supporting 4-6 devices.

enTouch bundles don’t end with just television and Internet options. enTouch customers are provided home security bundles that help them gain access to high-speed Internet while keeping their homes protected from undesirables.

Both bundles come with a wireless home security system with a touchscreen keypad and 3 door/window sensors, 24/7 monitoring, real-time alerts, a smartphone app to arm and disarm, and a Netgear router and modem.

enTouch subscribers can also combine their home phone and Internet services for additional bundles that are crafted to provide your home with state-of-the-art communication services.

Both bundles come with a Netgear router and modem.

All bundle prices are subject to change and are part of a one-year term promotional price available when you subscribe. Additional fees and charges may apply as some are listed above. If you’re looking to get more out of your Internet and other communication services, the experts at BundleFinders.com are ready to help find you the right package for your needs.

Our team has the experience and tools to access service providers that are shown at the home address level to provide a personalized, comprehensive look at the providers and plans available to your home. Contact us to learn more or to sign up today.


As you can see, enTouch has a variety of packages curated to fit your home’s individual needs and budget. enTouch provides quality service throughout the Houston market.

It can be difficult to create a blanket statement as to whether or not enTouch is right for a group because everyone’s needs are different. Generally, the best ISP for your home is going to provide the fastest download speeds for the cheapest price concerning other features and offers within a bundle.

enTouch is great for homes with heavy usage with high-speeds and 1 TB of data allotment each month. enTouch also provides unlimited data for an additional $40/month. If you’re looking to get more out of your Internet from a reliable source or Internet with a great deal of bundling options, enTouch is perfect for your home.


BundleFinders believes in researching ISPs to find the right company for your needs. We strive to provide updated, accurate data for customers to decide which provider is best for them with as many facts as possible. We also believe that consumers should conduct additional research to develop their own opinion and a great way to gain more insight is through reading reviews.

Online reviews can help consumers gain insight into the point of view of a fellow consumer. Although research is a great route to take before subscribing, it is important to remember that some reviews may forgo facts instead of presenting a more emotional depiction of what is being described. Houston is also a vast area and a small number of reviews relative to the total customers enTouch has cannot depict every personal situation and experience. Experiences may vary based on location, packages, expectations, and more. Please use discretion when reading customer reviews.

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