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Frontier TV Offers – December 2023

Vantage TV

ChannelsUp to 490 Channels

*Price will vary based on package & location



Vantage TV is for those who live in Connecticut, Illinois, Minnesota, North Carolina, South Carolina and Ohio. Subscribers can choose from five different plans starting with Vantage Custom Essentials for local programming and a few popular networks, to the biggest package, the Vantage Ultimate HD that includes 490 channels.

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ChannelsUp to 500 Channels

*Price will vary based on package & location



FiOS TV is for those who live in California, Florida, Indiana, Oregon, Texas and Washington. Subscribers can shop six various plans ranging from the FiOS TV Basic for those who want the simplest TV viewing experience, all the way to the FiOS TV Ultimate package for the best-of-the-best in TV.

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Monthly rates and all fees are always subject to change. Not all fees may be applicable. Be sure to review your offer before subscribing.


Frontier Television


  • FiOS Installation is FreeGaining access to fast, fiber-optic television just got better because, with Frontier, your installation is free when you choose FiOS.
  • Frontier Offers Bundles Built With You in MindCombine your television services with Internet services or home phone services to receive more services for less money.
  • Qualified Packages Don’t Require a ContractNot looking for a commitment? Frontier’s no contract options may be perfect for you.
  • Premium Upgrades And Add-OnsYou can still watch the best in premium TV such as Cinemax, EPIX, HBO, Showtime and STARZ. And if you’re a sports lover, you can still get access to sports packages on both Vantage TV and FiOS TV with beefed-up sports packs that include ESPN, ESPN 2 and more.
  • Modern Features With Your Experience in MindFrontier’s amazing entertainment options also come with some impressive specs, including an unbelievable 1TB storage capacity through its DVR for Vantage and 150,000 on-demand titles that include premium offerings through FiOS.

Every Plan and Price for Every TV Provider at Your Address.


  • Frontier services over 800,000 television subscribers across 23 states.
  • Frontier provides a wide range of telecommunication products including high-speed Internet, television, streaming options, online security, and home phone services.
  • With Frontier, you have options on how you view your favorite shows including its Vantage TV, FiOS TV, FrontierTV App, and DVR services.
  • Frontier continues to expand in both rural and urban areas including the expansion of its fiber network.


Since 1935, Frontier has been providing quality telecommunications services to its customers.

Originally founded as Citizens Utilities Company and rebranded as Citizens Communications Company in 2000, Frontier Communications was established as the company we see it today in 2008. Frontier offers its services throughout 29 states and boasts over 800,000 television subscribers and more than 3.7 million Internet subscribers.

Frontier’s impressive reach is due in part to its concentrated efforts of completing multiple agreements and acquisitions to expand its network throughout the 90s. These efforts continued in the 2000s and 2010s which has helped Frontier build a reputation as a quality telecommunications provider in many rural markets.

Frontier provides its subscribers with well-rounded product offerings including phone services, streaming, TV services, and digital security. Frontier is committed to continuing its strive to provide quality solutions to its customers including its commitment to expand its fiber network 

Frontier is a complete telecommunications company that doesn’t just stop at offering its customers the Internet. Consumers can choose from Frontier’s additional services such as phone services, television access, streaming, and online security products.


Frontier is available to customers in 23 states. Depending on your location, your product offerings may vary between cable, fiber, or both.

Frontier provides customers with access to their favorite programming through two distinct television products to choose from: Vantage TV and FiOS TV. As a major cable provider, Frontier invested in its infrastructure by acquiring additional networks from Verizon that allowed it to provide fiber connections to its subscribers.

Vantage TV provides customers with over 225 channels and more than 100,000 on-demand titles. Your home can record and watch your favorite shows whenever you’d like with a DVR service that can record 4 shows at the same time and store up to 1 TB of HD programming. Additional shows can also be streamed via DVR with additional boxes. Vantage TV is Frontier’s more available option for homes within its network.

Through its FiOS TV product offering, you gain access to over 400 channels, with more than 65 channels presented in HD. Subscribers will also gain access to more than an astounding 150,000 on-demand titles and includes movies from both Showtime and Cinemax. With FiOS TV, your DVR services get even better. Boasting storage that is capable of storing 300 hours of HD content and the ability to control live TV on 10 different televisions, you have the power to watch and record programming how you see fit. FiOS TV uses fiber-optic connections to provide clearer, faster connections to your home. This results in a more stable connection with crisper images and clearer sound. Frontier’s FiOS TV is only available in markets that have access to its fiber connections. Though access is still limited to primarily select urban markets, Frontier continues to grow its network and offerings to more customers each day.

When you subscribe to Frontier, you can also access your favorite shows wherever there is an Internet connection. Through your FrontierTV App, subscribers can access their favorite programming including access to their DVR recordings and on-demand content. No matter how you wish to watch, Frontier has a product that can fit your lifestyle.


The price of your Frontier television subscription will depend on many factors. Your home’s location, the entertainment packages that fit your needs, the available bundling options you address can have, and any promotions that may be offered at the time of signing up. Your price may also vary depending on which product you choose between FiOS TV and Vantage TV.

Customers can get access to Vantage TV starting as low as $64.99/month when they bundle television with Internet services. If you are in an area that has access to Frontier’s fiber network, Frontier FiOS TV is available and can also start as low as $54.98/month when bundled. Additional fees may be added including a $75 installation fee, a Wi-Fi router service fee of $10.00/month or a $200 one-time fee. Broadcasting and equipment fees may apply and cancellation fees may be added if you decide to cancel; however, some plans require no contract at all. Premium channels are available to add but may also have monthly costs associated with your subscription.
Prices are always subject to change as are promotions and bundles. finds solutions through the various bundles and promotions available to customers. Our team of experts works to find the perfect television options and bundles for your home’s entertainment needs at the address level to find a personalized plan that helps you save. If you want to learn more about the various Frontier options available at your home or want to get started, contact us today.


Frontier delivers quality access to television and Internet connection throughout urban and rural areas. Frontier’s continued commitment to reaching more underserved markets positioning it as a quality solution where other options may not exist.

In general, the best television provider for your home will be depending on a variety of factors such as what your entertainment needs are, your budget, and the availability in your area. Finding a company that offers the most entertainment for the least amount of money is going to typically yield the perfect provider for your home. With so many options and a commitment to innovate, Frontier can present a competitive option for millions of Americans. Where available, Frontier FiOS TV offers customers a new, state-of-the-art method of receiving television services with clearer connections than ever before.


Here at BundleFinders, we pride ourselves on providing accurate information to consumers about their service providers. 

Choosing a television provider can be difficult and researching any company before you subscribe is always encouraged. Online reviews provide a wonderful tool for consumers to assess companies from the point of view of fellow consumers.

We always ask our readers to exercise discernment and to read reviews remembering that a small number of reviews cannot speak for the complete experience of a much larger subscriber base. Also, some reviews may forgo the facts of an event or experience and find themselves based in anger or emotion. We ask that everyone keep these things in mind when researching Frontier and its services.