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Frontier Internet Offers – December 2023

Basic Internet

Peak Download Speeds

$49.99/mo. w/ Auto Pay





A great option for up to 2 connected devices and for users who just want to lightly browse, email and check social media.

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  • Bundle and Save With FrontierGet more for your dollar when you bundle! Frontier has a variety of Internet plans that customers can bundle with Frontier’s family of products like TV and phone for even more savings.
  • Two-Year Price Lock GuaranteeNever be surprised by a bill with Frontier’s two-year price lock guarantee! Your rate will always stay the same and never randomly go up due to package price increases or hidden fees.
  • Not Looking for a Commitment? No ProblemFrontier offers its subscribers no-contract options, so you can try the service and know that you’re covered in the event it doesn’t meet your needs. No need to worry about pricey termination fees either- it’s freedom from contracts to find what works best for you.
  • Frontier Doesn’t Have Data Caps or ThrottlingAll Frontier plans include unlimited data. This can be vital for heavy users, as it ensures that you won’t run out of data and have access removed, nor will you be throttled if you go past a certain usage.
  • Connect More Through Frontier’s WiFi HotspotsWhether you’re in an airport on a layover or sipping your favorite latte at your daily coffee stop, Frontier has hotspots that allow its subscribers to connect even when they are away from home.

Every Plan and Price for Every Internet Provider at Your Address.


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  • Frontier is a top 5 Internet provider in DSL, Fiber, and Wireline.
  • Frontier’s rural DSL reach can provide a great alternative in areas with limited providers.
  • No data caps, no throttling, Frontier gives you unlimited access to the Internet as you wish it to be.
  • Frontier has many plans available with some starting as low as $49.99/month with additional savings when you bundle.


How do you grow from a hopeful telecommunications startup to one of the largest Internet providers in America?

Just ask the folks at Frontier because that is exactly what they accomplished.

Founded in 1935, the company which would eventually become Frontier now acts as a leading Internet provider with a reach that expands to 29 states and possesses over 3.7 million Internet subscribers. Frontier has a variety of service offerings including DSL, fiber, and wireline Internet options.

Frontier became the 8th largest ISP (Internet service provider) in the United States due in part to their rapid growth throughout rural America in the 90s through various agreements and acquisitions as a concerted effort to expand their reach. Even after the turn of the Millenium, Frontier’s ambitions never slowed as evidenced by moves as recent as their acquisition of landlines in 2009 and additional wirelines in 2015 both from Verizon.

Frontier is a complete telecommunications company that doesn’t just stop at offering its customers the Internet. Consumers can choose from Frontier’s additional services such as phone services, television access, streaming, and online security products.

The past and the present have been well documented, but what about the future of Frontier?

Time will tell, but the new CEO, Bernie Han, will continue leading the provider towards an ongoing commitment of providing viable Fiber Internet to consumers. Customers can rest assured that Frontier continues to push its hand as one of the bigger players in the telecommunications field.


Since staking a notable claim within the rural Internet marketplace, Frontier can be found in both the rural and urbanized areas of many states throughout the country.

Frontier offers a variety of Internet offerings and is ranked nationally in the top 5 as one of the largest Internet providers of wireline, DSL, and fiber. Besides their expansive coverage, 

Frontier also provides fast, reliable connections to the world wide web.

Although location will play a factor in any connection source’s availability or speed, Frontier is capable of offering its customers a variety of options within their catalog of products. Products such as their DSL packages can do wonders for rural areas which may be limited on options. Speeds can range widely from 1 Mbps to 100 Mbps. Fiber Internet users can be prepared to host speeds reaching 100 Mbps and wireline users can expect speeds between 12-24 Mbps.

With a variety of speeds and products, Frontier positions itself in the market ready to handle a variety of speed demands, budgets, and locations to provide options that can help a range of customers.

The range between 1 and 100 Mbps is a vast one and finding the amount of speed your home will require can be tricky. For instance, a home with low usage during non-peak hours may be fine spending less on a 12 Mbps package. However, homes with multiple devices that are looking to support online gaming, HD or 4K streaming, and a healthy amount of downloading should seek higher options such as the 100 Mbps fiber package. For more information or help signing up, contact the experts at to find the perfect Frontier product to meet your needs.


Frontier’s pricing is affected by a series of factors including the product you desire, the plan that is being offered, and the promotional offers that are available at the time.

All Frontier Internet plans start at $49.99 and will vary depending on speeds and fiber vs. DSL availability in your area. Consumers can also save when bundling their other Frontier services such as television or phone with their Internet access.

It is always advised that consumers remember to consider any promotional prices that may be offered so that you aren’t blindsided by future billing cycles when said prices have run their course.


Because of their experience and extensive reach within rural areas, Frontier offers an impressive product and has speeds that can compete in urban markets as well.

Frontier offers unlimited data to its customers so you can surf, download, stream, Tweet, Like, game, and more until you decide enough is enough. There is also no throttling once you hit a certain data limit. Enjoy more with peace of mind on Frontier.

At the end of the day, the best ISP is generally the one that can provide the fastest access to the Internet for the least amount of money from your pockets. To find out if that means Frontier for you, call the experts at and we can find the perfect package that fits your needs and budget today.


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