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HughesNet Internet Prices Plans & Speeds

HughesNet Internet Prices, Plans, and Speeds

HughesNet has been an industry leader in satellite Internet services since 1996. HughesNet continues to provide fast, reliable Internet options to various underserved rural markets across the United States as well as home phone options through HughesNet Voice. Subscribers can bundle these services together for maximized savings. 

If you are interested in additional bundling options, the team at BundleFinders.com can help you find quality television bundling options through our partnerships with DISH, DirecTV, or AT&T TV. You can even get cell phone services when bundled through AT&T Wireless. With so many quality bundling options, you can receive a quality connection to high-speed broadband with various other services from some of the largest providers in America.

HughesNet Satellite Internet Plans and Speeds 

Subscribers of HughesNet enjoy one of the most reliable sources of high-speed satellite Internet in America. Satellite Internet is delivered to your home by sending a signal from your modem to your satellite dish and then into space where it is received by your Internet service provider’s (ISP’s) satellite and sent down to your ISP. Once your ISP receives the signal, your signal is transmitted back into space and is then sent via satellite back to your home’s dish, to your modem, and finally, to your computer. With so much travel for your signal to endure, it’s not a surprise that satellite Internet has built the reputation of being an Internet source with higher levels of latency when compared to other types of connections. 

Nevertheless, satellite Internet still provides a quality source of broadband in many markets and HughesNet works to ensure that it is as reliable as possible. HughesNet subscribers can surf confidently as its products have signal reliability of 99.99% and average less than an hour of downtime for every year of use. HughesNet offers a number of great satellite Internet packages for every home and pricing can vary by location. 

HughesNet Internet Plans and Pricing 

Plan Peak Download SpeedsMonthly PriceConnection Type Type of User # of DevicesMonthly Data 
HughesNet 1025 Mbps*Pricing starts at $49.99 depending on areaSatelliteLight users1-310 GB 
HughesNet 20 25 Mbps*Pricing starts at $59.99 depending on areaSatelliteLight users3-520 GB
HughesNet 3025 Mbps*Pricing starts at $89.99 depending on areaSatelliteLight-Moderate users5-630 GB
HughesNet 50 25 Mbps*Pricing starts at $139.99 depending on areaSatelliteModerate users 7-850 GB
*Pricing information up-to-date as of 9/29/2020.

In terms of speeds, each HughesNet package offers the same max speeds of 25 Mbps, but users should be aware of the differences in the allotted monthly data each plan provides. Although each plan is typically geared for homes with fewer devices, particularly fewer devices working online simultaneously, some homes may still participate in activities that require more data than others. For example, homes using the Internet for research, emails, social media, and online shopping will use a lot less data than a home using the Internet heavily for streaming video, playing video games, or video chatting. Be sure to assess your needs and pay attention to your monthly data allocated when subscribing. Click here to see what type of speed will best fit your needs.

HughesNet Internet Bundles

Whether you are looking for an Internet-only plan or desire bundling options, HughesNet is a great company to get the exact services that you need. In addition to reliable Internet, you can bundle your services with HughesNet Voice, a quality home phone service that uses Voice-over-IP (VoIP) calling to provide national and international calling.

HughesNet Voice Bundles & Prices

PlanMonthly PriceDownload SpeedsCalling Features
HughesNet Voice$19.95*25 MbpsUnlimited calling in the United States and Canada
*Pricing information up-to-date as of 9/29/2020.

*This price is valid for 6 months after subscribing.

For subscribers that require a bit more in terms of international calling, HughesNet Voice provides additional plans that can be added to your initial voice service that can reach 60 countries:

PlanMonthly PriceDownload SpeedsCalling Features
International 200$9.9525 Mbps200 minutes
International Unlimited$22.9525 MbpsUnlimited international calling
*Pricing information up-to-date as of 9/29/2020.

Beyond HughesNet’s Internet and home phone services, subscribers can add television services and cell phone coverage to their bundles through BundleFinders.com. Through our team of experts and partnerships with top brands such as DISH, DirecTV, and AT&T TV, you can get access to tremendous bundling options that cover quality content, reliable cell service, and even Spanish-focused content packages.

DISH Satellite Television Packages Through BundleFinders

Plan Amount of ChannelsMonthly Bundled PriceConnection Type Type of User 
America’s Top 120190$64.99SatelliteModerate viewers
America’s Top 120 Plus190+$79.99SatelliteModerate viewers
America’s Top 200240+$89.99SatelliteHeavier viewers
America’s Top 250290+$99.99SatelliteHeavier viewers
*Pricing information up-to-date as of 1/14/2021

Take a look below at how to customize your TV experience with additional add on channels from DISH. 

Premium ChannelsMonthly PriceFeatures
Multi-Sport Pack$13.00Get all of your favorite sports channels including beIN SPORTS and Regional Sports Networks. Others include SEC Network, Longhorn and Network. 
Willow Cricket HD $14.99Watch cricket 24/7 in HD including tournaments! 
Racetrack Television Network$50.00Keep up with 80 different live feeds of high-profile North American and select international horse races. 
Outdoor Package$4.00Avid outdoor fans, this package is for you! A superb network lineup of the Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, Outside Television and World Fishing Network. 
Showtime$10.00Enjoy popular Showtime favorites like Billions, Homeland, Shameless, Ray Donovan and others. 
STARZ$10.00Watch binge-worthy favorites like Power and Outlander and other hit shows and movies. 
DISH Movie Pack$10.00Get 14 movie channels including FXM, EPIX, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and more! 
Stars and Stripes Pack$10.00Enjoy 9 of DISH’s most popular channels including STARZ Encore Westerns and getTV. 
STARZ Encore$6.00Get all of your favorite classics and hits on 9 channels like Westerns and Kids and Family. 
EPIX$7.00Watch thousands of hit movies, award-winning series, documentaries, comedy specials and more! 
On Demand Subscriptions*Prices vary by channelGet access to even more networks only found on Demand! Favorites include Hallmark Movies Now, Here TV, UP Faith & Family and so many others. 
*Pricing information up-to-date as of 9/29/2020.

DirecTV Packages Through BundleFinders

Plan Amount of ChannelsMonthly Bundled PriceConnection Type Type of User 
DirecTV Entertainment160+$64.99SatelliteModerate viewers
DirecTV Choice185+$69.99SatelliteModerate viewers
DirecTV Xtra235+$79.99SatelliteHeavier viewers
DirecTV Ultimate250+$84.99SatelliteHeavier viewers
DirecTV Premier330+$134.99SatelliteHeavier viewers
DTV Plus40+$110.00SatelliteCasual viewers
DTV Max50+$130.00SatelliteCasual viewers
*Pricing information up-to-date as of 9/29/2020.

Additional channels can be added to different plans in the form of premium channels.

Premium ChannelsMonthly PriceFeatures
HBO, HBO Max, Cinemax, Showtime, and STARZ*Free for first 3 months then $56.98/mo.Watch the best in premium content from these top providers! 
Epix$5.99Top-rated movies and shows all in one place!
DirecTV Sports Pack$13.99More than 35 channels ranging from college sports to international soccer and more.
Movies Extra Pack*Free for first 3 months then $4.99/mo. An impressive catalog of movies of all sorts presented in stunning HD quality.
Dog TV*Free for the first month, then $4.99/mo. The first television network for your favorite dogs! The shows are created to stimulate and comfort your dog with sounds, movements and patterns. 
Hallmark Movies Now$5.99Stream all of your favorite movies from the Hallmark channel, includes Hall of Fame Movies & Mysteries plus Hollywood classics. 
Lifetime Movie Club$3.99Enjoy over 200 new and classic Lifetime movies. 
A&E Crime Central$4.99Hundreds of your favorite episodes from A&E’s vast library of shows and specials presented commercial-free.
Pantaya$5.99Watch Spanish-language blockbusters, favorites and classics plus exclusive and original series. 
Outdoor Channel$4.99The only outdoor network with programming dedicated to the adventure enthusiast. 
2020 MLB Extra Innings$30.00 for 6 months or $90.00/seasonNever miss a minute from your favorite MLB team throughout the 2020 season. 
2020 MLS Direct Kick$69.00/seasonKeep up with all of your favorite soccer players and games for the 2020 season. 
2020 NFL Sunday Ticket**$48.99/month for 6 months or $293.94/seasonThe most popular package DirecTV has to offer, keep up with every kick off this 2020 season. 
2020 NFL Sunday Ticket Max$65.99/month for 6 months or $395.94/season Everything you love about NFL Sunday Ticket with added features such as NFL Red Zone, access to out-of-market games via your favorite device, and more.
*Pricing information up-to-date as of 9/29/2020.

**Select out of market NFL games will come included through NFL Sunday Ticket which is included with your DirecTV subscription.

Don’t forget, you can even bundle your Internet with nationwide cell coverage when you bundle DirecTV’s satellite television services with your HughesNet satellite Internet subscription.

AT&T Wireless & DirecTV Bundles

PlanPricingMonthly DataAmount of ChannelsType of User
Select$49.99/lineUnlimited155+Light to moderate viewers
Choice$59.99/lineUnlimited185+Moderate viewers
Xtra$69.99/lineUnlimited235+Heavier viewers
Ultimate$74.99/lineUnlimited250+Heavier viewers
Premier$124.99/monthUnlimited330+Heavier viewers
*Pricing information up-to-date as of 9/29/2020.

HughesNet has plenty of money-saving bundling options with quality providers when you work with BundleFinders. For rural markets that may otherwise lack essential services, these bundles can be a quality solution by providing a reliable connection to your home.

HughesNet Internet What Speed Do I Need? 

It is important to realize how your activity and the speeds available to your home can coexist for your usage. There are many different applications that your Internet may undertake and the speeds and connection type provided to your home will play a heavy role in how those applications are experienced. 

Taking into account the number of devices that will be used at the same time and the functions they will be undertaking, will determine how much speed your home needs. To take a closer look at the speeds that may be appropriate for your home, you can check out our article here or continue below to view our helpful chart.

Download SpeedsInternet ActivitiesNumber of Devices
<25 MbpsLight browsing, emailing, checking social media.1-3
25-49 MbpsLight to moderate browsing, light streaming, light gaming, social media.3-5
50-99 MbpsStream, browse, game, and download light to moderately.5-7
100-299 MbpsStream HD, play online games and download quickly across multiple devices. Great for moderate users.7-15
300-499 MbpsFaster downloads, stream HD, play multiple online games and browse with speed. Moderate to heavy users.15-20
500-699 MbpsHost multiple devices at once, streaming in HD, playing games online, downloading with ease, and browsing effortlessly.
Perfect for heavy users.
700-1000 MbpsExperience some of the fastest speeds for the Internet. Stream 4K HD, enjoy the latest online gaming titles, download with blazing-fast speeds, and host many devices at once. Great for the heaviest of users. 25+

Always remember to look at the number of devices in your home and how they are used. It can be easy to overlook devices as more and more households add more and more devices to their lives. When you consider each member having a smartphone, a few televisions streaming Netflix, a digital assistant working with Smart Home devices to handle digital applications in your home, it can be easy to see how things get overlooked. A self-audit of your devices and usage will help you gain appropriate speeds to ensure a smoother experience when making your decision to subscribe.

HughesNet Internet Bundling Summary 

The quality of the satellite Internet connections provided by HughesNet is the perfect solution for a variety of rural markets throughout America. Don’t forget, HughesNet does more than just provide the Internet with 99.99% reliability, using HughesNet Voice subscribers can get clear VoIP calling featuring both domestic and international plans. If you are looking for additional services, BundleFinders can help you bundle some of the best television packages and wireless plans from DISH, DirecTV, and AT&T. Contact BundleFinders to find the perfect HughesNet bundle for your home’s needs and budget today.