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Mediacom Internet Offers – September 2023

Internet 100

Peak Download Speeds100 Mbps





200 GB

Perfect for small homes with up to 4 connected devices that just want to browse, interact on social media and email.

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Internet 200

Peak Download Speeds200 Mbps





2000 GB

This is the perfect package for homes with up to 6 connected devices, and for those who want fast downloading, seamless streaming and no-lag gaming.

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Internet 1GIG

Peak Download Speeds1000 Mbps





6000 GB

Great for data-heavy homes with 20+ connected devices! Users can stream 4K video and download with incredible speeds and play games like never before.

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Monthly rates and all fees are always subject to change. Not all fees may be applicable. Be sure to review your offer before subscribing.




  • 90-Day Satisfaction GuaranteeWith Mediacom, there’s no risk. If you’re unhappy with your service simply disconnect within 90 days at no cost to you.
  • Flexible Appointments on Your ScheduleMediacom installations and appointments are kept within 30 minutes of your scheduled time and are available to be made or nights and weekends. Mediacom respects your time and is flexible to work with your schedule.
  • In-Home WiFi is Included Stay connected around your home wirelessly with your favorite devices. You can even add Xtream WiFi 360 Extenders to boost your signal, though additional fees will apply.
  • Protect Your Devices With Total Defense SecurityProtect up to 5 devices through the Total Defense Internet Security Suite against spam, spyware, and viruses.
  • Mediacom Offers Low-Income Internet OptionsSubscribers who qualify for low-income services can purchase a Connect2Complete plan from Mediacom and EveryoneOn for only $9.95/month.

Every Plan and Price for Every Internet Provider at Your Address.


Mediacom Logo
  • Mediacom is America’s 5th largest cable provider with additional telecommunication products including Internet and telephone services.
  • Focusing on the Midwest, Mediacom is available in 22 states and offers cable and fiber Internet options to about 1.4 million people.
  • A good option for rural America when available, Mediacom’s focus within urban and suburban markets bring top-rated speed and high data allotments to a variety of people.
  • Mediacom continues to invest in its future as evidenced by its 3 years, $1 billion reinvestment into its infrastructure providing faster, fiber Internet throughout its network.
  • Internet options are available for low-income households to receive affordable and reliable Internet through the Connect2Compete program. 


Keeping the Americans of the Midwest connected to the Internet has been at the focus of Mediacom’s business since 1995.

As America’s fifth-largest provider of cable, Mediacom provides telecommunications solutions through television, phone, and Internet services to around 1.4 million customers. Mediacom’s ever-expanding services are available in 22 states with a focus on the Midwest and Southeast to connect many Americans with incredible Internet speeds where options may be otherwise much slower. Mediacom is available for some rural-focuses communities and continues to expand their reach to help connect additional potential customers.

Its television services and phone services, Xtreme TV and Xtreme Phone respectively, provide a variety of modern features including:

  • The ability to view shows away from home via a mobile device.
  • A variety of top-rated and local programming, recording tools, and a TiVo-powered guide.
  • Traditional home features such as 3-way calling, caller ID, and options to include international calls through WorldTalk. 

Mediacom has also recently completed its $1 billion infrastructure reinvestment with a specific strategy to improve its connections and update its network to take advantage of fiber Internet. While boasting strong roots in offering traditional cable Internet options, Mediacom continues to evolve its network and create innovative options for today and the future. 

The telecommunications giant also provides low-income Internet options for households that meet certain requirements to provide affordable, reliable Internet for students.


As previously mentioned, Mediacom is available within the Midwest and Southeastern regions of America with select areas within Arizona and California being notable exceptions.

With Mediacom’s Xtreme Internet products, customers are also granted access to Xtreme Hotspots. These Hotspots allow Mediacom users to connect to the Internet in hundreds of available areas throughout the country. Hotspots provide safe, fast Internet connections for users that are away from their home service.

But of course, having access to the Internet is only part of the equation. As a vital utility, consumers need speed and strong connections and Mediacom delivers. With plans ranging to fit any particular lifestyle or budgetary needs, Mediacom customers are provided with speeds that can range between 60 Mbps and 1000 Mbps.

Download speeds of 60 Mbps allow for even moderate users to use their Internet in a variety of ways without experiencing slower connections or a hindrance in their experience. With 1000 Mbps, the online-world is your virtual oyster as streaming HD and 4K videos, downloading music, enjoying your favorite video games, and connecting various devices at once can all be done with ease.


Determining the price for your Internet services is a variable dependant upon many factors.

The amount of speed your home will require, the plans that are offered to your service area, and the available promotions will all play a major role in the price and plan that is right for your home.

Ultimately, consumers are best served to find the fastest Internet speeds available to their service address concerning the amount of money that will fit their monthly budget. You can use BundleFinders to find the best Internet options specific to your home. 

Spending $39.99/month for 200 Mbps may be perfect for an apartment looking for access to high, trustworthy Internet speeds looking to use 3-4 devices at once. On the other hand, a family of five may be better suited to spending $59.99/month and purchasing speeds that can accommodate multiple streaming devices, 20 or more devices in use at the same time, and faster download speeds. With Mediacom, these plans and more are available to fit your needs and budget to provide the perfect product for your home.

Connect2Compete is a plan provided by Mediacom in partnership with EveryoneOn. This plan provides lower-income residents with viable access to the Internet. There are a variety of qualifications to be considered for these plans, including having a child in the home that’s K-12th grade and a part of the National School Lunch Program. Those that do qualify can connect to speeds capable of reaching 10 Mbps for $9.95/month.

It is also important to note that Mediacom offers customers amazing speeds but they do come with data caps which range from 200 GBs to 6000 GBs. For many homes, the caps that are featured on smaller plans may not be enough for their usage needs, and while each additional 50 GB of data will automatically charge your account $10, consumers are provided a range of options through Mediacom’s plans to avoid overage charges.

Are you interested in finding the perfect Mediacom plan for your home’s speed and data needs?

Contact the experts at and compare rates, speeds, and promotions available for your specific address today.


Mediacom does a great job of providing customers with the ability to access their favorite websites, watch the latest videos, and bundling packages that help save you money.

Many rural addresses will be outside of its network but with continued expansion and history of servicing marketplaces that may otherwise be underserviced, Mediacom can provide Internet solutions for rural, suburban, and urbanized areas of its marketplace.

Consumers looking for the opportunity to bundle a variety of services and reach data limits and speeds which can rival or surpass most Internet providers will be pleased to find the available options within Mediacom’s network. It is always important, however, to review the number of devices and expected usage for your home’s needs to locate a plan that keeps your home connection fast and clear.


We are strong believers in researching Internet services and their providers here at BundleFinders. Online reviews are a great location to find out information from the mouths of other consumers.

We do encourage customers to remember to use judgment when reading reviews as not all of the statements made may be entirely accurate and may come from a place of anger rather than reality.

It is also important to remember that in the same way plans and prices may vary as a result of location and the plans offered by the company, experiences may be shaped by these exact factors as well. Any resource for reviews, both negative or positive, is but a small portion of Mediacom’s customer base which is over 1 million strong.