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Mediacom TV Offers – September 2023

Local TV


*Price will vary by location



This intro package is great for casual TV users who are looking for a basic television package. The Local TV lineup includes local channels like ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC, plus C-SPAN and a few local access channels.

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Essential TV


*Price will vary by location



If you're a medium to heavy TV viewer, you’ll find the perfect amount of programming variety with this popular package. In addition to all of the locals, you also get more news variety like MSNBC, Fox News, CNBC, ESPN, FOX Sports 1, TBS, TNT and many others.

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Variety TV


*Price will vary by location



For homes that need just about everything, this is the package for you! You get everything included in the previous packages plus premium channels like Cinemax, HBO, STARZ and Showtime at no additional cost.

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Monthly rates and all fees are always subject to change. Not all fees may be applicable. Be sure to review your offer before subscribing.




  • Mediacom’s 90-Day Satisfaction GuaranteeIf you’re unhappy with your service you can cancel at any time throughout your first 90 days of subscribing.
  • Mediacom Bundles Help Subscribers SaveBundle your television service with phone or Internet to gain access to more savings and services.
  • Watch Your Shows On-The-Go With the Xtream TV App Powered by TiVO, the Xtream TV app brings you the best TV experience right to your phone. You can watch live TV or recordings from any of your favorite devices.
  • Savvy Devices Like TiVO DVR And Xtream Voice RemoteWith Xtream TV’s Voice Remote you can locate your shows with just the sound of your voice! Another cool add-on is TiVo’s Intelligent Guide provides an innovative and intuitive guide to locate and record your shows. The TiVo DVR can store up to 150 HD hours of all of your binge-worthy favorites, and with Multi-Room you can stop and start from any room in the house.
  • Premium Add-Ons For The Whole FamilyHouseholds with various entertainment needs will enjoy additional channel packages such as Sports & Information PAK, Kids & Variety PAK, Movies & Music PAK and NFL Redzone, plus Cinemax, HBO, Showtime and STARZ.
  • Never Wait Hours For A Technician AgainSchedule service calls around your life. Mediacom offers appointments on nights and weekends. Mediacom also commits to arriving at your appointments within a 30-minute window so that you don’t waste your time waiting around for a service call.

Every Plan and Price for Every TV Provider at Your Address.


  • Mediacom is one of the five largest cable providers in the United States with additional offerings of telecommunication products including Internet and telephone services.
  • Mediacom’s primary market is the Midwest with over 725,000 customers and is available in 22 states.
  • Mediacom is a great option for both urban and rural homes in need of telecommunication products.
  • Mediacom offers robust channel packages with some over 170 channels, TiVo DVR services, and the ability to save when bundled with additional products.


Founded in 1995, Mediacom has grown into one of the largest television providers in the Midwest and the United States in general.

The fifth-largest provider of cable in the country, Mediacom also provides telecommunications solutions for phone and Internet services to its 1.4 million subscribers. Mediacom is available in 22 states and connects its customers to fast Internet speeds, clear phone lines, and reliable television packages even in markets where options may be limited. Mediacom services rural communities and works to connect others who may not have access to modern telecommunication services.

Mediacom continues to invest in its networks as a push to innovate and service its customers even better than before. Recently, the telecommunications giant reinvested $1 billion into its infrastructure to improve connections and create a faster network through fiber-optic technology. Mediacom also offers cable Internet from its strong cable network but is continuing to push technology and the telecommunications industry forward through innovative techniques and focused investment in the future. 

Through Mediacom’s television services and phone services, Xtreme TV and Xtreme Phone, subscribers gain access to many high-quality, modern features that customers have come to expect when choosing a television or phone provider.

Mediacom helps consumers save money by providing bundles and deals that help consumers save money while getting more out of their home’s telecommunication services.


Mediacom services are available to you if you are living in the Midwest and Southeastern regions of the United States, although, there are select markets within Arizona and California that are capable of receiving Mediacom’s services.

Your Xtream TV app means that you can stream your favorite movies and television programs wherever you like so long as you can access the Internet. This app and your DVR services are all powered by TiVo so that you can record and watch your shows at your convenience. Your DVR is capable of recording shows in multiple rooms at once and can hold 150 of HD programming. You can even access your recordings through your Xtream TV app so you can watch your recordings with the ease of regular, live programming. Mediacom provides subscribers with plenty of options to view their favorite programs how, when, and where they like it.


The price of your television services will be determined based on many variables. Where you live, the plans that are available in your area, the current promotions your television provider is offering, installation fees, and of course, bundles will all play a part in how much you will pay for your subscription. Mediacom provides many bundles that help customers lower their costs while subscribing, let’s take a look at some of the options you may see from its Xtream product line.

Subscribers can gain over 50 channels with Internet speeds that can reach up to 60 Mbps for 29.99/month through Mediacom’s Local TV package. Mediacom’s Essential TV plan provides customers with the same Internet speeds but increases your access to over 125 channels. The Essential TV package costs $59.99/month.

Additional services, such as telephone services, may also be bundled depending on your needs and location. All of these plans come with free installation but it is important to remember that pricing may vary and are subject to their individual bundles and contracts. Canceling your subscription before the terms of your contract may also cause additional fees.

These bundles and more can be found throughout Mediacom’s Xtream family of products. Finding the perfect bundle that fits your entertainment needs and budget can be tricky, but the experts at have the tools and experience to find the right plan for you. Contact us to compare packages and rates for your home today.


Deciding if Mediacom is the right company as your television provider can come down to many factors including your location, the packages that are offered to your home, services you need to be bundled for your home, your budget, and a lot more.

Mostly, picking a television provider for many homes comes down to finding the right amount of entertainment available to your residence for the lowest cost possible. With Mediacom, you are presented with a wide variety of packages and products that are aimed at serving your needs. Mediacom’s dedicated focus on reaching rural and underserved areas can also position it as a quality television provider when options may be limited otherwise.

Bundlers rejoice as Mediacom is the perfect television provider for your home in that you can save money and gain access to the other services your home uses every day such as phone and Internet services. With so many options, Mediacom presents a competitive product for many of its service markets’ needs.


Online reviews are wonderful tools for learning more about the customer experience from the eye of a fellow consumer.

BundleFinders loves to encourage our readers to conduct additional research when choosing any provider and we strongly believe in looking into online reviews as a source of information.

It is important to remember to use judgment when viewing these reviews and that experiences can vary greatly when considering Mediacom has over 700,000 different customers. Some reviews may not be based on facts and may be based on emotions or disdain so readers should be advised to use discretion when using these reviews for their consumer research.

It is also important to remember that in the same way plans and prices may vary as a result of location and the plans offered by the company, experiences may be shaped by these exact factors as well. Any resource for reviews, both negative or positive, is but a small portion of Mediacom’s customer base which is over 1 million strong.