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Charter Internet Offers – July 2022

Spectrum Internet

Peak Download Speeds200 Mbps






Medium to light users will find themselves capable of streaming their favorite videos, downloading the newest releases, and playing online games with a smooth, reliable connection.

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Internet Ultra

Peak Download Speeds400 Mbps






A great plan for homes with multiple devices using the Internet at one time. Stream HD video and play online games on a fast connection. Download times are short and browsing is a breeze.

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Internet GIG

Peak Download Speeds940 Mbps






Capable of supporting multiple devices indulging heavy usage. It can support every modern Internet function including streaming in 4K, online gaming, downloading at blazing speeds, and more.

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Monthly rates and all fees are always subject to change. Not all fees may be applicable. Be sure to review your offer before subscribing.


Spectrum Internet


  • Get $500 Towards Exiting Your Current ContractIf you’re stuck in another contract and want to set up a new service with Charter Spectrum, no problem! They’ll cover your early termination fees of up to $500 when you switch.
  • Unlimited Data With No Data CapsWith Charter Spectrum, you can surf without limit. Charter doesn’t cap your data and your monthly allowance is unlimited. Stream, game, download, and browse as you like.
  • Your Modem is FreeSpectrum helps you save by providing your Internet modem for free. Unlike other providers who charge you equipment fees, it’s all free with Charter Spectrum. Just install, connect and enjoy your service at no additional cost.
  • Bundle Other Charter Services and SaveA great way for subscribers to get more out of their telecommunication services is by bundling within the Charter family of services. Add Spectrum TV and Spectrum Mobile to get more and save on your bill.
  • Connect to Spectrum Throughout the CountryWith over 600,000 WiFi hotspots, subscribers can connect to Charter Spectrum on the go to experience the same safe, reliable connections they would at home.

Every Plan and Price for Every Internet Provider at Your Address.


Charter Spectrum Logo
  • Charter services a variety of clients with a focus on urban and suburban markets but with a reach within some rural areas.
  • Charter offers cable and fiber options at speeds that allow a fluid online experience for streaming HD videos, downloading files, online gaming, and surfing the web.
  • Charter provides more broadband than any other provider in the United States and is available to tens of millions of Americans over 40 states.
  • Charter’s Spectrum Internet can be bundled with a variety of additional products such as television, mobile, and phone services that produce great savings for customers.


When it comes to providing America with telecommunication services, very few do so on the level of Charter Communications. As the nation’s top broadband provider and second-largest cable provider, Charter provides services in over 40 states and continues to grow through innovative upgrades and acquisitions. The company we know today was founded in 1993 after the partnership brought together Charter Communications CATV and Spectrum Communications. 

Since then, Charter’s reach has been well documented. From acquiring various companies in the 1990s and 2000s to vastly expand its service area across the nation in both rural and urban locations to declaring bankruptcy and emerging stronger than ever in 2009. Charter has gone through just about every imaginable scenario a telecommunications company can face. The following decade would provide Charter with additional expansion opportunities, with the most notable being through its merger with Time Warner Cable, a deal worth over an astonishing $78 billion valuation in 2015.

Today, the telecommunications behemoth boasts over 15.7 million television subscribers and around 26 million Internet subscribers. Charter provides a massive catalog of products encompassing television, mobile, telephone, and Internet solutions. Many of these services can be bundled to help customers save money while receiving more services for less. 


Charter’s Spectrum Internet and various products under its Spectrum brand are available to 52 million homes and growing.

Charter’s cable and fiber networks provide Internet options in a variety of speeds with many providing urban and suburban areas with fast, reliable Internet options complemented with a variety of other telecommunication products. Some rural areas benefit from the massive networks of Charter. Many areas of the United States may have limited access to the Internet and the available options can be unreliable or slower. Charter can provide these areas with alternative, quality Internet options due to its expansive reach.

The speeds that are within Charter’s packages range greatly depending on a variety of factors including the type of service and the region in which service is being provided.

Cable Internet offerings tend to be slower but are also available in a wider service area than fiber. Charter provides speeds for cable Internet that can range between 60 Mbps and 940 Mbps. These speeds can provide a stable connection with quicker speeds than many of its competitors.

Through Charter’s fiber Internet packages, consumers are again presented with a wide variety of speeds beginning at 1.5 Mbps to a whopping 1,000 Mbps. Many fiber Internet options tend to match or surpass the speeds of cable, however, it should be noted that fiber is an option with a focus on urban areas and a limited customer base as of now. Fiber Internet will become available to more subscribers as the technology expands and networks are updated.


Pricing Charter’s expansive Internet plans can be a bit tricky. Charter offers a wide range of products and the price that you will pay will depend on various factors such as the plans that are offered in your area, the speeds your home will require, promotions that are available to your service account, and any bundling options you may choose to include.

200 Mbps cable Internet plans offered by Charter begin at $49.99/month, though some are available for as low as $17.99/month depending on your area and promotions. Customers looking for speeds potentially reaching 400 Mbps can expect to spend $69.99/month. Additionally, customers that demand even more speed can purchase cable options of 940 Mbps for $109.99/month.

Charter offers many other plans through its fiber Internet options. Lower plans include speeds with the potential of 30 Mbps and start at $17.99/month. Charter’s 200 Mbps offerings are provided for $49.99/month  and 400 Mbps can be purchased for $69.99/month. Where provided, customers may also purchase fiber Internet that can reach the eye-popping speeds of 940 Mbps for $109.99/month.

Again, keep in mind that the rates and plans available from Charter are always subject to change and will vary due to location and many other previously listed reasons. If you’re looking to get started with Charter or simply wish to learn more information, contact our experts at today. Our team of telecommunication experts can help guide you to the perfect plan for your needs and budget.


Charter’s Spectrum Internet is a great opportunity for many Americans in urban or suburban marketplaces with some exceptions within rural portions of the nation included.

Comparing Internet providers can be extensive and there are always going to be a variety of individual factors that are too broad yet specific to individuals to write a scenario that will fit every situation.

The one recurring factor that affects customers is finding an Internet provider that can produce the highest speeds for the least amount of money each month. Consumers looking to bundle can rest assured because Charter provides plenty of bundling opportunities that complement their Internet services

If you are a lower usage home or a casual browser, purchasing a cheaper option such as its 60 Mbps Cable Internet plan can be a fantastic solution.

Are you looking for the ability to stream multiple devices in 4K or HD?

Charter’s 940 Mbps fiber and cable Internet options produce speeds that can rid your home of lagging while gaming online, support a variety of devices at once, reduce download speeds on music and files, and yes, provide a network that allows crystal clear streaming even in HD or 4K resolution.

Charter is also beginning to expand its reach in rural portions of the nation through its fixed wireless network. This network is still being tested but could help Charter reach many more within rural communities soon.

Charter will throttle your Internet should congestion become a problem due to activity, but do not currently have any limitations on the amount of data a user may use. Throttling is when a provider reduces the amount of bandwidth you can receive while using the Internet. So, while there is no data cap, unusual amounts of data can trigger Spectrum’s monitoring system to reduce your usage for some time.


Here at BundleFinders, we love to advocate to our readers about the importance of research when searching for an Internet provider.

One of the best ways to get a variety of perspectives on Charter and the services they provide is to find and research insightful online reviews about the experiences customers have had with its service.

While we love reviews, it is also important to remember that many reviews may be coming from a place of anger instead of facts. Reviews of hundreds if not thousands also cannot tell the full story of a company that is responsible for supplying tens of millions of people across the United States with their Internet services.

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