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  • Earn a $50 Amazon Gift Card When You SubscribeQualified Suddenlink packages give subscribers a $50 gift card to when you sign up for its service.
  • Lock-In Your Price for 2 YearsSuddenlink takes the guesswork out of your bill. Subscribers can lock in their rates for 2 years on qualifying plans.
  • Speed and FunctionalitySuddenlink provides the speed you need to use your Internet the way you need it. With speed and reliability to support multiple devices, play online games, stream HD and 4K video, and download with amazing speeds.
  • SmartWi-FiEnjoy the Internet with the most intelligent technology available with the Smart Wi-Fi system. Features include a mesh technology that blankets your entire home with coverage, each device is always connected with the best signal and your home coverage is scalable no matter how big or small.
  • Suddenlink is More Than Just Fast InternetSuddenlink subscribers gain access to the popular news outlet Cheddar and the documentary/non-fiction library of CuriousitySteam. You can even gain security and protect against equipment damage for $6.99/month. Suddenlink’s security doesn’t end there, Device Protection can help secure your devices and future equipment beginning at $9.99/month.

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  • Suddenlink is a top provider of cable and fiber Internet offering fast speeds and a reliable connection throughout 23 states.
  • Stream your favorite HD shows, download the latest hits, and play the newest online game releases in urban and rural markets due to the range of Suddenlink’s network.
  • Suddenlink Internet doesn’t have a long-term contract or data caps.
  • Suddenlink continues to invest in its network and plans to reach almost 7 million Americans before 2021.


Suddenlink Communications got its start in 2003 under the name of Cebridge Communications and has since grown into a major telecommunications brand throughout the United States with a focus within its Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, and West Virginia markets.

Founded by former Charter Communication executives and a telecommunications lawyer, Suddenlink has had a strong foundation rooted in experience and success within the industry. Through various acquisitions, Suddenlink was formed into the company we know today in 2006 and can now provide services to millions of Americans throughout 23 states. Suddenlink provides a variety of products including Internet, television, mobile, and audio services to its subscribers. Suddenlink has also invested in its infrastructure adding faster broadband speeds and more HD programming to its customers.

In 2012, Suddenlink was purchased by Altice NV. By 2018, Altice USA had split from its parent company into its own separate entity. This acquisition and rebranding combined the brands of Cablevision, Optimum, and Suddenlink to provide quality telecommunication services to more customers than ever. Together, these brands came together to become a top-five television provider due to their over 4.6 million subscribers.

Suddenlink is capable of providing your home with fast, reliable Internet with speeds capable of reaching 1000 Mbps in some markets. Suddenlink continues to invest in its network to provide faster broadband connections through its cable Internet offerings and has even expanded into offering fiber Internet plans in select markets.

Subscribers can get more out of their mobile phones by signing up for Altice Mobile and Suddenlink customers can also fill their homes with their favorite tunes by subscribing for Altice Amplify. This audio service provides modern streaming options for your home’s entertainment and comes with Amazon’s Alexa. Suddenlink’s extensive product list allows customers to bundle and save while fulfilling their home’s telecommunication and entertainment needs.


With plans to reach nearly 7 million potential subscribers by the end of 2020, Suddenlink is a viable option for both urban and rural communities alike.

Cable Internet is Suddenlink’s primary offering and can be found throughout the majority of its network. Fiber Internet connections are continuing to grow but are almost exclusively reserved for select areas within urban markets. Suddenlink customers can also access their network wherever Suddenlink WiFi Zones are available.

Suddenlink Internet keeps your home connected with not only a reliable source but a fast one. Suddenlink subscribers can expect download speeds capable of reaching 100, 300, and even 400 Mbps. Some cable packages, and fiber Internet packages, can connect homes to Internet speeds that can reach a mind-boggling 940-1000 Mbps.

Your home’s Internet speeds will be dependent on a variety of factors. Your home’s location plays a role because of the distance your signal must travel and also the plans that are available in your area. Peak traffic times and site traffic may also affect your connection speed. Where available, fiber Internet subscribers can expect faster download speeds than cable in most situations. Even with these factors, Suddenlink presents a high-speed solution that is competitive in many of its service areas. 


Suddenlink offers a variety of prices, plans, and speeds which may change depending on where you are located and many other factors.

Some of Suddenlink’s popular Internet packages are as follows:

  • 100 Mbps for $19.99/month.
  • 500 Mbps for $39.99/month.
  • 1000 Mbps for $49.99/month.

All plans include access to Cheddar, one of the hottest names bringing breaking news from such reporting locations such as the New York Stock Exchange and CuriosityStream, a subscription that provides thousands of documentaries and non-fiction programming to its subscribers. For an additional $6.99/month, customers can opt to receive Suddenlink’s Service Protection which helps protect customers from unwanted costs should there be damage to your equipment and a technician is needed. Installation fees of $59 may be applicable depending on your service area.

The prices and plans available for your home is going to depend on many variables. Between your home’s location, the speeds you require, the plans offered by Suddenlink, the promotions that are available at your service address, the bundles offered by your Internet service provider, installation fees, and cancellation fees, it can be a lot to keep track of when choosing the right Internet option for your needs. is a team of experts that are equipped to pinpoint the perfect Internet solutions for your home that is personalized at the address level to fit your needs. Contact us today to learn more about Suddenlink or to sign up and begin your service.


With a multitude of packages and speeds that can compete with any provider, Suddenlink is a great option where available.

Suddenlink works well for urban areas that may have other Internet providers; however, in rural or underserved markets, Suddenlink can provide a healthy alternative for those looking to get more out of their Internet connection. Many rural areas suffer from a lack of connectivity and some of the available methods can hinder many modern Internet functions due to a high amount of lag. With Suddenlink, consumers may have options that are otherwise unavailable and can get more out of their Internet services.

Suddenlink is also great for customers who wish to bundle and subscribe to additional telecommunication and entertainment options under the Suddenlink and Altice family of products.

Suddenlink Internet does not have a data cap so customers can use their Internet freely and with confidence. Suddenlink may temporarily hinder speeds, however, if its network requires it to do so to ensure better user experience for others needing access to more bandwidth. This throttling should only affect extremely heavy usage and peak times of usage.


At BundleFinders, we believe in the power of research. One of the best ways to conduct research is by reading online reviews about your prospective Internet service provider.

Suddenlink has a wide variety of reviews that can be found across multiple websites. Online reviews can help you gain a perspective from fellow consumers on Suddenlink’s products, service, and the expectations you should have when subscribing.

Please note that some reviews may be written out of anger instead of presenting an accurate depiction of what occurred. Additionally, with well over a million customers, it can be difficult to gain the entire picture from a few hundred or even a thousand reviews. We always encourage our readers to exercise caution and use discernment when researching companies in this manner.