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Suddenlink TV Offers – September 2023






Homes wanting a simple TV experience, this package was built for you. Enjoy all of your favorite locals plus ESPN, TNT, Fox News, USA, Nick and more favorites.

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This package is ideal for those looking for a better-than-basic TV package. It includes everything available in the Core package plus additional channels like NFL Network, DIY Network, Disney Junior, STARZ Encore and others! Perfect for homes with multiple viewers and different tastes.

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For entertainment-heavy homes, you’ll want the Premier package. This deal includes everything in both the Core & Select packages plus ESPN U, HBO, HBO Zone, Univision Deportes and so many others!

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Monthly rates and all fees are always subject to change. Not all fees may be applicable. Be sure to review your offer before subscribing.




  • Get $100 to use on AmazonIf your plan qualifies, you can receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card when subscribing.
  • Suddenlink Offers Plenty of Money-Saving IncentivesNot looking for a commitment? Ask about Suddenlink’s no contract subscriptions. Qualified subscribers can receive up to $500 to switch their services from an existing contract. You can also get your money back if you are unhappy with your service. Suddenlink provides customers with a 30-day money-back guarantee so there’s no risk when you sign up.
  • Bundle With Altice USA to Save Even MoreCombine your television services with a variety of offerings from the Altice USA umbrella of telecommunication services including Internet, mobile, and smart home solutions. Subscribers can bundle Apple 4K TV with their Suddenlink television subscription.
  • Great Standard Features With EVERY PackageEach Suddenlink TV package comes with a number of core features that grow as your package gets bigger. The staple features include Cloud DVR services, TiVO DVR services, 4K Ultra HD, Voice-Activated Remote, Suddenlink2GO and other streaming app support.
  • Don’t Worry About Extra FeesFor just $6.99 a month, you won’t have to worry about any fees if a service visit is required to resolve any customer-caused in-home damage. Plus, get device protection and virtual support on eligible devices and equipment beginning at $9.99 a month.

Every Plan and Price for Every TV Provider at Your Address.


  • Suddenlink is a leader in providing television services within the United States with a marketplace that reaches 23 states.
  • Subscribers can gain access to thousands of on-demand titles and up to 100 HD channels which can be streamed on Suddenlink2GO.
  • Altice One DVR services are available through Suddenlink giving you access to your favorite shows as you please and popular streaming such as Apple TV in 4K.
  • Suddenlink Television can be bundled within the Altice USA family of products.


Suddenlink Communications provides telecommunication services in the United States with its main focus on serving its markets of Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, and West Virginia.

Founded in 2003 as Cebridge Communications by former Charter executives and a lawyer specializing in telecommunications law, they began to acquire additional marketplaces and telecommunication companies until eventually becoming Suddenlink in 2006. Suddenlink is capable of providing many different telecommunication products covering solutions for a home’s Internet, television, mobile, and audio needs. 

Purchased in 2012 by Altice NV, Suddenlink has invested in improving its broadband speeds and allowing for more HD programs to become available for its customers. As a result, Suddenlink has become a cable provider capable of providing your home with Internet speeds that can reach up to 1000 Mbps in some markets and even fiber Internet in select urban markets.

Through the Altice family of products, consumers are allowed to bundle additional services such as Altice Mobile for mobile phone services and Altice Amplify for streaming your favorite tracks and even comes equipped with Amazon’s Alexa. 

In 2018, Altice USA branched off from Altice NV into its own separate brand. Rebranded through combining the telecommunication brands of Cablevision, Optimum, and Suddenlink, under these networks, over 4.6 million subscribers have access to quality programming and reliable services for their homes.


Suddenlink has a broad reach with the potential of reaching around 7 million subscribers with a growing network within both urban and rural markets.

Suddenlink’s reach helps it provide television services in many areas that may otherwise be unable to receive such quality television connections.

Suddenlink television subscribers can choose between various plans with the potential of catching over 340 channels. You can even add on premium channels such as HBO, Showtime, and Starz available between $17-19/month per channel depending on your service. Subscribers can get 100 HD channels and thousands of titles on-demand. Suddenlink2GO is a streaming app from Suddenlink that allows subscribers to view their favorite shows wherever there is a reliable connection to the Internet. Suddenlink television subscribers can also enjoy their favorite streaming services such as Apple TV, Netflix, and Pandora.

With all of these features and more, like movies and shows available in 4K HD or a voice-controlled remote, Suddenlink provides the latest and greatest features so subscribers can get the most out of their entertainment services.


Your monthly price and set up costs will depend on an array of factors. Your home’s location, the plans available in your area, any promotions that are being offered at your time of sign up, installation fees, sports surcharges, and even the way you bundle can all have a very big influence on the amount you’ll pay for your television services.

There are a range of packages that you can choose from when subscribing to Suddenlink and with variety comes freedom. Suddenlink can provide users with the necessary choices so that they can find a package that balances their entertainment needs with their budget. The three main plans that are provided to subscribers are Suddenlink Value, Suddenlink Select, and Suddenlink Premier. With the Value plan, customers can gain access to 225 channels for $84.99/month. Select will allow customers access to over 290 of their favorite channels and can be as low as $104.99/month. With more options than any other package, Premier provides subscribers with over 340 channels for $129.99/month. Additional charges may apply depending on your packages such as the Sports Plus Package for $10/month, HD Plus package for $8/month, or the Family Package for $10/month. Your package may also have an installation fee of around $49 at your time of setup. DVR services are available through Altice One’s Cloud DVR Plus which allows up to 15 programs to be recorded at once or through TiVo’s DVR services. Your DVRs can store up to 75 hours of HD content in stunning resolution. Prices and promotions are always subject to change and bundling may be necessary to achieve the lowest possible price available in your service area. works to simplify shopping for a television provider by providing you, the consumer, with unbiased information to make an informed decision. If you are looking to learn more or to sign up for one of Suddenlink’s television packages, contact us today to speak with an expert ready to provide the perfect provider for your home.


Suddenlink has a strong presence in certain states but with availability in 23 states, Suddenlink can provide telecommunications services for many Americans even in competitive markets.

Every home will have different entertainment needs and budgets to adhere to, so it can be difficult to pinpoint a one-size-fits-all situation in which a provider would work for a wide range of situations. With that being said, most consumers will find that the best television provider for their needs will be the company that can provide the most amount of entertainment for the least amount of money.

Suddenlink is great for many rural and urban areas where other options may be unable to offer the same amount of quality programming or the same amount but not at the same level. With many of the modern features subscribers have come to expect with their television service, Suddenlink continues to implement innovative features into its offerings.

Suddenlink also provides consumers with the opportunity to enjoy their favorite programs all without the hassle and commitment of a contract. Customers looking for freedom or the ability to move without fear of breaking their contract can rest assured knowing that Suddenlink provides a flexible option for their entertainment.


Here at BundleFinders we work hard to provide consumers with the information they need to make an informed decision when choosing their television providers. We always support and encourage our readers to continue these principles and conduct further research utilizing online reviews.

Online reviews provide a great avenue to explore fellow consumer experiences with television providers from the customer point of view. Please keep in mind that not all reviews are created equal. Some reviews may come from a place of resentment or not tell the entire truth due to it being based on emotion instead of fact. Furthermore, Suddenlink is a very large telecommunications provider with a very diverse area of service. Online reviews should be viewed with discretion as they cannot convey every experience as they will vary depending on location, products provided, and expectations.