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Viasat Internet Plans, Pricing & Speeds

Viasat Internet Prices, Plans, and Speeds

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Viasat is a leading satellite internet service provider (ISP) that delivers quality access to high-speed broadband across the U.S. to its 586,000 subscribers. With a focus on rural America, Viasat is capable of providing true nationwide service to markets that may otherwise be underserved. Subscribers can gain a reliable Internet connection so long as their home is capable of sending and receiving satellite signals. In addition to providing high-speed Internet, Viasat subscribers can bundle their services with Viasat Voice, its home phone services.  

Viasat Satellite Internet Plans and Speeds 

Viasat provides satellite Internet to its subscribers. Satellite Internet works by transmitting a signal from your modem to your home’s satellite dish. From there, it is sent to a satellite dish in space which will send this signal from space to your ISP. This signal is finally sent from your ISP back to space and down again to Earth where it is received by your home’s satellite dish, sent back to your computer’s modem, and ultimately, back to your computer. 

In many rural markets, many homes are lacking the infrastructure necessary to connect to high-speed Internet through wired means such as cable or fiber. For these markets, satellite Internet is the perfect solution to gain online access. Viasat offers various Internet plans that range in download speeds, monthly data allowed, and price. These plans give subscribers options to find the right situation for their home’s needs and budget. 

Viasat Internet Plans and Pricing

Plan Peak Download SpeedsMonthly PriceConnection Type Type of User # of PeopleMonthly Data 
Unlimited Bronze 1212 MbpsStarts at $70.00/mo. depending on locationSatelliteLight users1-235-40 GB/mo. depending on location
Unlimited Silver 1212 MbpsStarts at $150.00 depending on locationSatelliteLight users1-345 GB
Unlimited Gold 1212 MbpsStarts at $200.00 depending on locationSatelliteLight users1-465 GB 
Unlimited Silver 2525 MbpsStarts at $100.00 depending on locationSatelliteLight users1-360 GB
Unlimited Gold 3030 MbpsStarts at $150.00 depending on locationSatelliteLight to moderate users1-4100 GB
Unlimited Gold 5050 MbpsStarts at $150.00 depending on locationSatelliteModerate to heavy users1-4100 GB
Unlimited Platinum 100100 MbpsStarts at $200.00 depending on locationSatelliteHeavy users1-5+150 GB 
*Pricing information up-to-date as of 9/29/2020.

*Prices are always subject to change and your plan may have additional fees and charges associated with your subscription.

Viasat Internet Bundles

viasat bundles saving money on monthly bills

Beyond delivering some of the most reliable satellite Internet connections in the country, Viasat allows its subscribers to save more and gain additional services for their homes. Viasat Voice provides homes with crystal-clear home phone services that can even integrate features with your smartphone. Viasat Voice uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services that use its quality Internet network without counting against your plan’s data allowance. All three of Viasat’s Internet plans can be bundled with Viasat Voice to provide savings for your home telephone needs and provide unlimited calling within the United States and Canada.

Viasat Voice Plan & Price

PlanMonthly PriceDownload SpeedsCalling Features
Viasat Voice$19.99**12-30 MbpsUnlimited calling
*Pricing information up-to-date as of 9/29/2020.

**Your monthly price will increase by $10.00/month after the initial 6 months of your service.

While Viasat doesn’t have traditional Internet and television bundles, the team at BundleFinders can provide you a personalized home bundle that combines the wonderful satellite Internet services of Viasat, with premier satellite television providers such as DISH and DirecTV.

DISH Satellite Television Packages Through BundleFinders

Plan Amount of ChannelsMonthly Bundled PriceConnection Type Type of User 
America’s Top 120190$64.99SatelliteModerate viewers
America’s Top 120 Plus190+$79.99SatelliteModerate viewers
America’s Top 200240+$89.99SatelliteHeavier viewers
America’s Top 250290+$99.99SatelliteHeavier viewers
*Pricing information up-to-date as of 9/29/2020.

DISH Television offers an extensive lineup of different add ons you can choose from to customize your package for the ultimate television experience. 

Premium ChannelsMonthly PriceFeatures
Multi-Sport Pack$13.00Get all of your favorite sports channels including beIN SPORTS and Regional Sports Networks. Others include SEC Network, Longhorn and Network. 
Willow Cricket HD $14.99Watch cricket 24/7 in HD including tournaments! 
Racetrack Television Network$50.00Keep up with 80 different live feeds of high-profile North American and select international horse races. 
Outdoor Package$4.00Avid outdoor fans, this package is for you! A superb network lineup of the Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, Outside Television and World Fishing Network. 
Showtime$10.00Enjoy popular Showtime favorites like Billions, Homeland, Shameless, Ray Donovan and others. 
STARZ$10.00Watch binge-worthy favorites like Power and Outlander and other hit shows and movies. 
DISH Movie Pack$10.00Get 14 movie channels including FXM, EPIX, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and more! 
Stars and Stripes Pack$10.00Enjoy 9 of DISH’s most popular channels including STARZ Encore Westerns and getTV. 
STARZ Encore$6.00Get all of your favorite classics and hits on 9 channels like Westerns and Kids and Family. 
EPIX$7.00Watch thousands of hit movies, award-winning series, documentaries, comedy specials and more! 
On Demand Subscriptions*Prices vary by channelGet access to even more networks only found on Demand! Favorites include Hallmark Movies Now, Here TV, UP Faith & Family and so many others. 
*Pricing information up-to-date as of 9/29/2020.

DirecTV Packages Through BundleFinders

Plan Amount of ChannelsMonthly Bundled PriceConnection Type Type of User 
DirecTV Entertainment160+$74.99SatelliteModerate viewers
DirecTV Choice185+$79.99SatelliteModerate viewers
DirecTV Ultimate250+$94.99SatelliteHeavier viewers
DirecTV Premier330+$144.99SatelliteHeavier viewers
*Pricing information up-to-date as of 9/29/2020.

Additional channels can be added to different plans in the form of premium channels.

Premium ChannelsMonthly PriceFeatures
HBO Max, Cinemax, Showtime, and STARZ*HBO Max is free for a year then $14.99/mo. with the others free for first 3 months then $32.97/mo.Watch the best in premium content from these top providers! 
Epix$5.99Top-rated movies and shows all in one place!
Movies Extra Pack*Free for first 3 months then $4.99/mo. An impressive catalog of movies of all sorts presented in stunning HD quality.
AMC+$6.99Stream your favorite content from channels such as AMC, BBC America, and IFC ad-free!
Dog TV*Free for the first month, then $4.99/mo. The first television network for your favorite dogs! The shows are created to stimulate and comfort your dog with sounds, movements and patterns. 
Hallmark Movies Now$5.99Stream all of your favorite movies from the Hallmark channel includes Hall of Fame Movies & Mysteries plus Hollywood classics. 
Lifetime Movie Club$3.99Enjoy over 200 new and classic Lifetime movies. 
A&E Crime Central$4.99Hundreds of your favorite episodes from A&E’s vast library of shows and specials presented commercial-free.
Pantaya$5.99Watch Spanish-language blockbusters, favorites and classics plus exclusive and original series. 
Outdoor Channel$4.99The only outdoor network with programming dedicated to the adventure enthusiast. 
2021 MLB Extra Innings
$21.66/mo. for 6 months or $129.96/season
Never miss a minute from your favorite MLB team throughout the 2021 season. 
2021 MLS Direct Kick$22.25/mo. for 4 months or $89.00/seasonKeep up with all of your favorite soccer players and games for the 2021 season. 
2021 NFL Sunday TicketComes includedThe most popular package DirecTV has to offer, keep up with every kick off this 2021 season. 
2021 NFL Sunday TicketTBDEverything you love about NFL Sunday Ticket with added features such as NFL Red Zone, access to out-of-market games via your favorite device, and more.
*Pricing information up-to-date as of 9/29/2020.

You can even bundle DirecTV services with AT&T Wireless to save when you combine your subscriptions to include television and cell phone coverage.

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Viasat Internet- What Speed Do I Need? 

Viasat delivers the Internet with much better speed and lower latency than many other options for rural markets across America. In today’s world, Internet access plays a major part in many different parts of your life. The Internet is used to stay connected to those we love, entertain ourselves, research, create, work, collaborate, and much more. 

Taking into consideration the different uses your home will take advantage of and the number of devices and users within your home using the Internet at once can tell you a lot about the amount of speed your Internet will need to support your home. If you would like to learn more, click here, or take a look at our Internet speed cheat sheet and see how your home compares:

Download SpeedsInternet ActivitiesNumber of Devices
<25 MbpsLight browsing, emailing, checking social media.1-3
25-49 MbpsLight to moderate browsing, light streaming, light gaming, social media.3-5
50-99 MbpsStream, browse, game, and download light to moderately.5-7
100-299 MbpsStream HD, play online games, and download quickly across multiple devices. Great for moderate users.7-15
300-499 MbpsFaster downloads, stream HD, play multiple online games, and browse with speed. Moderate to heavy users.15-20
500-699 MbpsHost multiple devices at once, streaming in HD, playing games online, downloading with ease, and browsing effortlessly.
Perfect for heavy users.
700-1000 MbpsExperience some of the fastest speeds for the Internet. Stream 4K HD, enjoy the latest online gaming titles, download with blazing-fast speeds, and host many devices at once. Great for the heaviest of users. 25+

Don’t forget to consider the number of devices and users your home will need to support. With more and more devices needing Internet connectivity, it can be easy to overlook devices. From computers to smartphones to digital assistants and even Smart Home devices, homes are using more devices than ever before and that can take a toll on your Internet usage. Self-audit your home to help find the appropriate plan for your needs that will save you hassle and time by selecting the right subscription the first time.

Viasat Internet Bundling Summary 

Viasat can bring your home quality satellite Internet connection capable of reaching markets that are not served by other providers. On top of providing quality Internet, Viasat Voice is an excellent unlimited plan that allows your home to stay connected throughout the United States and Canada without using up minutes or data. Bundling your Viasat services can help you save money and consolidate services. These services, combined with the television bundles available through BundleFinders, give consumers plenty of options to find the right packages that work for their needs. For additional Viasat and BundleFinders bundling options, check out our Viasat Provider Deals page.