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Windstream Internet Offers – September 2023

Kinetic Internet

Peak Download SpeedsUp to 100 Mbps






Light to medium users can stream HD video, download your favorite content, and experience online gaming.

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Kinetic Fiber

Peak Download Speeds500 Mbps






Download large amounts of data and stream HD video and music on multiple devices. A great package for online gamers.

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Kinetic Fiber Gig

Peak Download Speeds1000 Mbps






Perfect for heavy-data usage homes, can support multiple devices at once with blazing speeds to game, stream HD videos and other content.

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Monthly rates and all fees are always subject to change. Not all fees may be applicable. Be sure to review your offer before subscribing.




  • $100 Instant Credit When you Order Kinetic InternetWindstream provides qualified applicants with $100 credit when you sign up today!
  • Month-to-Month Plans are AvailableYou can cancel your subscription at any time with Windstream’s month-to-month plan options
  • Use the Internet With Unlimited DataSubscribers can stream, download, game, and browse as much as they wish with unlimited data
  • Windstream Doesn’t Throttle Data EitherYour data isn’t just unlimited but Windstream won’t stifle or throttle your service even when using excessive data.
  • Kinetic Secure Protects Your DevicesParental controls, time limits, content filters, and protection for your favorite devices.

Every Plan and Price for Every Internet Provider at Your Address.


  • Windstream connects people throughout the United States with a focus on rural areas that may only have access to spotty satellite options.
  • Consumers are provided a wide catalog of Internet options including cable, DSL, fiber, and fixed wireless for their telecommunication needs.
  • Windstream offers great incentives and features such as a 30-day money-back guarantee, the ability to save through bundling, there are no data caps, and more.
  • Windstream’s program, Lifeline, provides quality Internet options to qualifying low-income Americans.
  • Windstream continues to commit in the future by investing in 5G technology to improve and increase its reach in rural areas as well as its urban fiber networks.


The story of Windstream begins in 2006 as the direct result of Alltel and VALOR Communications group merging forces. The company is a spinoff from the merger with a focus on a variety of telecommunication products including television services, phone services, online security services, and, of course, the Internet.

Windstream provides its broadband services throughout 18 states and retains a customer base that is over one million strong. In recent years, Windstream has expanded its operations through acquisitions and investing and purchasing additional lines for its networks.

It is no secret that Windstream is a leader in providing rural communities with access to the Internet. While it continues to expand its fiber Internet network, typically access found in metro areas, Windstream is also working to provide faster networks to rural communities. It has reinvested within its company to add additional rural networks. Windstream is also investing in 5G technology, which will allow it to better serve faster Internet connections with more functions and capabilities to rural areas within its network.

Windstream has an array of Internet options that allow customers options and a wider array of products to connect homes including cable, DSL, fiber, and fixed wireless.

In addition to gaining access to the Internet, Windstream customers can save more by bundling Internet and television services. Windstream offers several products to bundle with your home’s Internet depending on your needs including DirecTV, YouTubeTV, and Windstream’s Kinetic TV streaming service.


Providing reliable Internet at speeds capable of handling the modern user is what makes Windstream such an attractive solution for so many Americans.

Finding an Internet provider that is capable of reaching some of the rural locations in America can be tricky and far trickier if you want your service to connect when you need it. Windstream works to deliver for customers who might otherwise have difficulty procuring Internet services from a quick, reliable source and provides an Internet service its customers can count on.

Windstream’s DSL network makes them the 6th leading providers in the nation, and can be a great alternative to other rural Internet networks such as satellite. Windstream’s primary network is its DSL network; however, cable options are available and can deliver speeds that can surpass DSL in some cases.

Windstream continues to invest in technology for 5G and fixed wireless networks which will help it provide faster Internet service to rural areas but the speeds of its fiber network will help connect metro users with speeds that can rival and surpass even the biggest names in telecommunication.

Cable Internet options begin around 0.51 Mbps and can reach heights of 100 Mbps, just above the national average. Windstream’s DSL products also have a range that varies widely from a modest 0.25 Mbps to 100 Mbps and while its fixed internet option is capable of reaching 100 Mbps, Windstream’s Fiber Internet network is capable of reaching well beyond these speeds. Though starting at 1 Mbps, Windstream’s fiber Internet has the capability of reaching a blinding 1,000 Mbps.

Some of the lower end speeds of Windstream are simply best for lightly browsing the Internet; however, when you are in an area that is without many or any options, it can provide a way to connect. Luckily, Windstream’s catalog includes many speeds capable of supporting a variety of modern Internet uses. Across various offerings, Windstream provides speeds of 50 Mbps, 75 Mbps, and 100 Mbps which are capable of lighter amounts of streaming videos, quality download speeds, online gaming and even hosting a couple of devices at once.

Fiber subscribers with speeds of 200 Mbps can host even more devices but heavier activities may become hindered when too many devices are in use at once such as streaming or gaming. Those with the capacity of 1,000 Mbps can support many devices streaming in HD or 4K, download speeds that are some of the best in the industry, a smooth online gaming experience across multiple devices, and much more.

The speed in which your Internet connection will reach is dependent upon a range of factors:

  • Your budget.
  • The number of devices that are being utilized at once.
  • The amount of traffic during that time of day/to a particular website at once.
  • The type of service you choose.
  • The distance in which your Internet signal must travel and the environment in which it must conduct its travel.

All of these factors and more will play a role in the plans that are available and the speeds they are capable of reaching.


Depending on where you are located, the available plans, and the amount of speed your home needs, the price of your Internet services can vary largely. Promotions, bundles, and fees can also affect how much you are going to pay for your Windstream Internet service.

However, due to its extensive catalog of Internet products, Windstream can provide its customers with plenty of options that can fit their needs and budgets.

Windstream’s Cable Internet and DSL packages are priced at $39/month. This includes the range of lower and higher speeds available depending upon a mixture of factors. Fiber Internet packages also begin at $39/month for plans capable of speeds under 1,000 Mbps. Subscribers looking to maximize their speeds can expect packages containing 1,000 Mbps to cost $69/month.

Low-income assistance is available for those who qualify through Lifeline, a program that helps keep Americans connected who may otherwise not be able to afford to.

Windstream customers can also rest easy as they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee for all new users should you decide you are unhappy with your service. Although, some monthly equipment rental fees can apply to certain accounts as needed. To avoid termination fees, said equipment must also be returned appropriately.

Do you think Windstream would be the right Internet solution for your needs?

The terms of plans and prices do have the possibility of changing and keeping up with the latest offers can be tedious. While we work hard to provide updated information for consumers, contacting our team of experts at for more information will allow you to receive the very latest offers from providers that service your specific address. Contact us today to find out what Windstream packages are right for you.


Windstream provides a quality Internet service for many rural Americans and can be a viable solution for urban areas within its network, particularly due to its fiber Internet options.

Pinpointing the exact provider through a broad stroke can be difficult because of everyone’s needs, budgets, and availability range greatly. The common theme that will help most consumers find the appropriate provider for their needs, however, is finding the most amount of speed delivered in relativity to the price it is being offered.

If you are in an urban environment you may be surprised to find yourself within Windstream’s fiber network, capable of speeds that may beat some of the larger names available.

In rural America, Windstream provides healthy, fast alternatives to options like satellite Internet in areas that may otherwise be plagued with spotty coverage and a commitment to expand upon those offerings.

Windstream does not impose data caps on its users nor does it throttle traffic, the practice of temporarily slowing the speeds available to a user.


Windstream maintains a quality network that produces Internet solutions to many who rely on its services to connect to the Internet.

Here at BundleFinders, we love to encourage our readers to conduct as much research as possible when deciding on an Internet provider. A great way to gain additional research from the perspective of a customer is through online reviews.

We do ask that consumers remember to be mindful when reading reviews and to consider that experiences will vary greatly depending on a myriad of factors including location, plans, and expectations. Some reviews may contain more of an emotion description rather than a factual one and should be read with this in mind. Windstream conducts business with over a million customers and a small sample through reviews can be a bit difficult to convey the entire picture of what it offers its customers.