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Kinetic Spanish Packages & Deals

Kinetic Spanish Packages & Deals

Kinetic by Windstream is a fiber Internet network that was started in February of 2019. With over 100,000 homes connected to its high-speed network, Windstream also offers a variety of bundling options including television and home phone services which can be added to your subscription. Through partnerships with BundleFinders.com, you can bundle Spanish television packages through brands like DISH and AT&T. To learn more about all that Kinetic has to offer including its lineup of television bundles, digital security products, and telephone services, click here to view our article covering packages focused on English-speaking packages. For a closer look at all things Spanish, continue reading below.

Kinetic Internet Bundling Deals

Kinetic subscribers are afforded a variety of services for their telecommunication needs and through BundleFinders, those options can expand with a variety of Spanish packages that will enhance your overall experience. Check out these amazing bundling options from DISH and AT&T that deliver the best in Spanish television straight to your home.

DISH Television Spanish Package

DISH provides a vibrant list of content filled with quality Spanish programming. DISH packages can reach over 270 channels, so your favorite shows and movies plus new content to discover are all together. DISH also has various premium options through its DISH Premium Channel packages that can compliment your bundle even further.

Plan Amount of ChannelsMonthly Bundled PriceConnection Type Type of User 
DishLATINO Clasico180+$47.99SatelliteModerate viewers/Spanish-speaking viewers
DishLATINO Plus190+$49.99SatelliteModerate/Spanish-speaking viewers 
DishLATINO Dos225+$69.99SatelliteHeavier viewers/Spanish-speaking viewers 
DishLATINO Max270+$84.99SatelliteHeavier viewers/Spanish-speaking viewers
*Pricing information up-to-date as of 5/26/2021

DISH Television Spanish Add Ons 

Premium ChannelsMonthly PriceFeatures
Latino Bonus Pack$10.00Watch 34+ channels all in Spanish including ESPN Deportes, Telemundo, Azteca America and so many others. 
Playboy TV en Español$9.00The only lifestyle network for Latino adult audiences. 
México$5.00More than 50 channels and features that include Univision, Azteca America and others, including music channels! 
Sudamérica$5.00Enjoy all of your favorite channels from Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador! 
República Dominicana$5.00Watch the highest-rated in news and entertainment in the Dominican Republic
España$5.00Stay tuned in to all of your must-have programs from Spain. 
*Pricing information up-to-date as of 5/26/2021

AT&T TV Spanish Package

There is only one Spanish package on AT&T when bundling, but the content doesn’t end there. AT&T also offers some of the best in premium content through its Spanish Premium Channel offerings. All three of these additions are excellent options for your entertainment services.

Plan Amount of ChannelsMonthly Bundled PriceConnection Type Type of User 
Optimo Más125$64.99CableModerate viewers/Spanish-speaking viewers
*Pricing information up-to-date as of 5/26/2021

AT&T TV Spanish Premium Channel Packages:

Premium ChannelsMonthly PriceFeatures
AT&T TV Español$15.00Spanish series, movies, and novelas for your viewing pleasure.
*Pricing information up-to-date as of 5/26/2021

Kinetic Spanish Packages & Deals- Things To Consider 

When you are bundling your services together, it is important to audit and realize what matters to your home and lifestyle. To find the right services for your Internet, television, or home phone, services, assessing the activities you and your family partake in will help you determine what will bring the right amount of coverage for your home. Asking the right questions will help you avoid missing out on services you need or overspending for things you don’t.

Things to ask yourself when self-auditing:

  • How fast do you need your Internet speeds to be?
  • Who can provide those speeds and what connection types can provide those speeds?
  • Who are the Internet service providers and bundles offered to your home?
  • How much content do you consume on your television?
  • Which entertainment features benefit your lifestyle most for your television?

Bundling with Kinetic and BundleFinders can lead to a variety of ways to get your services from some of the biggest brands in telecommunications. If you are looking for Spanish television packages that are bundled to help you consolidate and save, Kinetic and BundleFinders can help you find the right bundling option to fit your needs.

Kinetic Spanish Packages & Deals Summary 

Kinetic continues to grow as one of the fastest Internet options in the country. Bundles are available through partnerships with BundleFinders, DISH, and AT&T. This includes the Internet, some of the best in Spanish television programming and home telephone services. Contact BundleFinders to get started today.