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  • Up to 700 GB of data per month
  • Up to 75 Mbps Peak Speeds (Average User Speeds of 30 Mbps)
  • Easily Stream, Game, Work & Browse With No Buffering
  • REAL Unlimited Streaming - Streaming data is NOT counted towards your data limits
  • Open NAT For Gamers
  • Plug and play modem so you’re live in less than 60 seconds
Wahoo fast internet for gaming. Wahoo Internet, best ineternet for streaming.


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Features GAMER 500 GAMER 700
Monthly Data Allowance
(Streaming data excluded)
500 GB/mo. 700 GB/mo.
Price $99.99/mo. $129.99/mo.
Registration Fee One-time fee of $49.99 One-time fee of $49.99
Modem Fee One-time payment of $200 One-time payment of $200

Better Than Satellite

Features Wahoo Unlimted High Speed Internet Satellite
Speed Peak speeds 75Mbps Peak speeds 30Mbps
Installation Easy self-install modem that takes 60 seconds or less Slow turnaround dependent on a technician
Availability If you’ve got cell service, you can get Wahoo Internet Coverage not available everywhere
Portability Fast Internet goes with you, just plug and go The satellite dish stays on your house
Gaming Perfect for gamers with 36ms ping rate Not great for gaming, super slow with lagging
Streaming UNLIMITED streaming that doesn't go against your monthly data limits Lots of buffering

Big Data Packages & Fast Speeds

  • Wahoo Internet can deliver peak speeds up to 150Mbps.
  • Users will experience average speeds of 30 Mbps.
  • Monthly data up to 700 GB!Depending on your plan, you may opt for additional monthly data tokens or upgrade your plan.

Wahoo Internet - The #1 Option for Gaming, Streaming & More

  • Average ping rate of 30ms.- 50ms.
  • Unlimited Streaming on SlingTV, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and other popular platforms!Online streaming services are NOT COUNTED toward your data limits.
  • Gamers will enjoy Open NAT! Wahoo Internet is the ONLY rural internet product to offer this feature!

Wahoo Internet

Wahoo Internet delivers high-speed Internet with a focus on rural markets throughout the United States. As a fixed wireless Internet service provider (ISP), Wahoo Internet provides quality connections through 4G LTE networks nationwide. Distributing its services in this manner allows Wahoo Internet to provide wireless communications with less latency and faster download speeds than satellite Internet companies. Capable of reaching speeds that average around 30 Mbps with peak speeds that can hit 75 Mbps, Wahoo Internet is the perfect service for users looking to stream, game, and surf the web without being held back by speed or connectivity issues.

Unlimited Streaming on Wahoo Internet

Streaming over satellite Internet connections can be a hassle with buffering issues, but on Wahoo Internet, you can stream your favorite shows and movies for an immersive, seamless experience. Best of all, your streaming activities are not counted against your monthly data cap. This means unlimited streaming that won’t affect your Internet access so that you can do more.

Gaming on Wahoo Internet

Many online games require split-second reaction times from both the players that navigate these worlds and also the networks that host them. Lagging due to latency issues is a common issue that many satellite Internet users must overcome when enjoying the latest titles. Wahoo Internet is proud to present the only rural option for Open NAT connectivity which allows you to host, connect, and be found by more gamers while playing. Open NAT means gamers will have more options and better online experience no matter which device they are using to play.

Secure Rural Internet That Lets You Do More

When you connect to Wahoo Internet you get more access with less hassle. Plug your modem in and go live in under a minute with better connectivity on a network built to overcome the obstacles rural homes must overcome. Wahoo Internet offers equipment protection and wireless routers to help keep you secure and connected like never before. Hotspots and in-home WiFi will keep you streaming, gaming, and browsing on a secure network with strong reliability. You can even rely on Wahoo Internet to connect multiple devices such as smart TVs or personal assistants and keep your home’s modern devices running smoothly.

The premier alternative to satellite Internet is here and rural markets across the United States are making the switch to Wahoo Internet, a leader in fixed wireless Internet. Stop losing connection to unreliable satellite providers and stay connected to Wahoo Internet.